August 30, 2010

WHAT A Weekend!

Saturday was my 25th birthday. So I am now a quarter of a century old.....

So needless to say this weekend was nuts and I am now in full recovery mode.....until I go to work at 5.

We started off the celebrations on Friday when C managed to surprised me with this:

A brand new camera which he hid in the glove compartment of his car and tricked me into going in there to get him a napkin. My camera has been acting up for the past couple of months, so I had a good idea that I was getting a new one, but I was still shocked to see it there for some reason, probably because he gave it to me a day early.

The reason I got it early is because he knew I wanted to use it on Saturday for the big day that we had planned.

We started the day with a Jays Vs. Detroit game

Awesome panoramic pictures that the new camera takes.

Ace, our Mascot

My camera has a self shot setting where it won't take the picture until it recognizes two faces. I had to try it. Please ignore the stupid look on my face...I was concentrating.

Beautiful Day so the dome was open

After the game (we won!) we met C's parents, sister and her boyfriend at the one and only Spaghetti Factory.

We had cake

C's birthday is tomorrow, so we share a cake

And then we headed to the ex, for a fun night of shopping, games and food (sooo much food, I don't think I'm every going to want to eat again!)

Sunday we had my family party:

Which meant more cake:

Vanilla with Kisses

Chocolate Banana (SO GOOD!)

My parents bought me this beautiful Guess watch

Also, to make the weekend even more crazy, today is B`s 2nd birthday.

It`s amazing. I remember when she was this big

And here she is today (with the other two birthday people of course!)

So big! So today I am wishing my beautiful B a very very happy 2nd birthday!

Sorry for the post heavily loaded with pictures, but it was a weekend that was heavily loaded with pictures.

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Nicole said...

Pictures are always good! :) and Happy Belated Birthday and happy Birthday to all!