October 26, 2010

This Post May Lose Me Some Followers.....

I have a confession.....

.....I hate football.

C and I are in the middle of planning a mini vacation. He has the weekend of the American Thanksgiving off of work, so it was decided that I was going to take it off as well, and we were going to do something. Initially, C and my brother were talking about going to the cottage for a weekend again with some friends. Realistically, this was a really bad idea. My cottage is small, like 2 bedrooms, a kitchen, bathroom and living room small. Going in the summer means people sleep in tents. Going in the winter means sharing rooms, and sticking 10-12 people with enough drama on a normal day in the same 4 rooms for 5 days.....not going to happen. So I told Chris as much, and expressed that I would prefer to use my vacation time on spending some quality time with just him (we both still live with our parents, so privacy is not something we currently enjoy.) He agreed, and then came home with an elaborate plan.....I had NO idea what I was getting myself into....

So here's the plan: We leave Wednesday November 24th and head to Detroit. Keeping in mind that this is on my insistence, the boys original plan was to leave at 3ish Thursday morning, drive to Detroit for the football game, then leave Detroit that night, saving us spending money on another hotel. I made it quite clear that if he wanted a pleasant girlfriend at said game he better make sure I have a good nights sleep and a shower in the morning. I won. So we will be in Detroit from Wednesday night until Thursday afternoon, for a football game (don't ask me who is playing...I have absolutely no idea....I would assume Detroit???) Thursday we are driving to Eerie Pennsylvania. This part I'm actually really excited for. I have been to Pennsylvania before and I know it has amazing shopping. We are leaving Eerie Sunday morning and driving to Buffalo for yet ANOTHER football game, after which we will drive home for me to be in class on Monday.

Now don't get me wrong, I have nothing against football fans. In fact, I find them very passionate people who love their sport. I just don't get it. Hockey is much more simple. Shoot puck, puck goes in net, 1 point.

There are SO many rules to football and I just can't follow it. Believe me I've tried. C watches football every Sunday. I typically fall asleep or read a book. Don't hate me.

I'm not sure how I got roped into all of this, but apparently at the end of November I will not only be attending my first football game, but my first two. Any tips to make me like or understand this sport would be greatly appreciated.

Oh and I'm very excited because my wonderful fiance (yes he's still wonderful even if he tricked me into attending his stupid sporting event) surprised me with this yesterday night:

The boy definitely knows what I like!!

October 25, 2010

Weekend Recap

I'm procrastinating on studying for a midterm that I have tomorrow, so I thought I would give my weekend recap on time this week.

Friday we went to D&C's wedding. This was the final wedding of the wedding season for C and I, and as far as I know we don't have another one to attend until our own in 2012 (unless one of my friends decides to up and randomly get married one day.....??)

The wedding was beautiful and we had a fantastic time. I love getting dressed up and going out for a night of dancing with C. It's not something we get a chance to do very often, so when we do I always enjoy it.

C and I. I wore the same dress that I wore to SM's wedding, because after trying on 3 dresses and letting my mom and C vote, this one won unanimously. I think C may have been a little biased because he bought a new purple shirt specifically to match me in this dress.

The lovely couple, happily married.



It was a great way to conclude our 2010 wedding season. Big congrats to D&C!

Saturday was a day to recover. C made me the ribs and roasted garlic potatoes for dinner (sooo good!). I honestly don't know what I will do with myself if this boy ever stops cooking for me. I would probably starve do to my total lack of kitchen abilities. Anyways, I meant to take a picture of this fantastic meal so that I could show you all.....but I was hungry....and realized that I forgot to do so, about halfway through eating it. So no pictures, you will just have to trust me that it was one of the best meals I have ever had.

After dinner we went out to rent Night of the Demons, How to Train your Dragon, and 30 Days of Night part 2. We only managed to make it through Night of the Demons, which was really dumb. Not a great storyline, bad acting and way to much gore. I'm not a fan of scary movies, and I'm pretty much a huge wimp while watching them (seriously, C put on about 5 minutes of Friday the 13th part 4, and it gave me nightmares) so if your horror film doesn't scare me then you can pretty much assume you didn't do it right. Night of the Demons didn't scare me at all, more just used the gore factor for shock value, something I'm also not a fan of. I'll keep you posted on my thoughts of the other two as we watch them.

Yesterday was my mommy's birthday. So we had the family over for Chinese food, cake and presents. I was busy eating, and helping my sister (with the broken wrist) serve and clean so there are no pictures.

So that was our very busy weekend. I feel like it flew by, and after looking at my calendar, I realized that all of our weekends from now until Christmas are pretty much exactly like this one. Is it possible to take a vacation from life?

October 20, 2010

Wedding Wednesdays and Weekend Update

There has been a lot going on with this girl over the last couple of days. Some of it good, some of it not so much...things that are causing stress that I really don't need at this point in my life. I'm not going to write about that stuff. I'm sure I will at some point, because I look at this blog as a type of an outlet, but today I feel like writing about things that make me happy. That would be the weekend that just past and my wedding (of course).

This weekend update was meant to be posted on Monday, until I got a call at 8:00 at night from my sister telling me that she fell and was at the hospital with a potentially broken wrist. Four hours later we emerged from the hospital with a shinny new cast, and a blogger who was way to tired to write anything. So that's why we are late

Friday: Was one of bridesmaids birthday party. We went to Jack Astors and then to a bar. Believe it or not, I have no pictures. I have some, but none that really require posting, and I actually didn't take all that many. That's very unusual for me. Either way we had a lot of fun drinking, catching up and of course watching the Toronto Maple Leafs take home win number 4. (This post would have been a lot more fun if it had been posted Monday before they lost game number 5. Details.....)

Saturday is where I also get to talk about Wedding Wednesdays. I have a total of 6 bridesmaids all who have very different schedules and lives. 3 of these bridesmaids have been my best friends since grade 9, and I think we have the busiest lives out of all of us. From teachers college, to full time jobs, to classes and part time jobs, finding any time to get all 4 of us together is next to impossible. I am making a slide show for the wedding, and I wanted to get all of us in the same room to go through those terrible high school photo's and all come to an agreement of which ones to use. This was much harder than I thought. I had the last two weeks off of school, but finding a day that worked for all 4 of us apparently did not exist. After trying to make plans for a couple of hours and learning that no day was going to work I became frustrated and gave up. Until Friday at said bridesmaid's birthday party. There we were all together, and we all learned that we were conveniently free the very next day. Done.

I have to say that this was the best day of my weekend. Spending a few hours with these girls is always so fun. Grouping this with pizza and old photo's is hilarious. I gave each girl 5 poker chips, and called them their veto's. The rule was that they could veto any photo and had to give up one of their chips, and then I could not use the photo. Once their veto chips were gone they no longer had a say, so they were cautioned to use them carefully. I honestly thought this would become an all out war, but it actually went better then I thought, and only two veto's got used.

And for a final random thought on Wedding Wednesday: I love each and every one of these girls. They have always been there for me no matter what, despite insanely busy schedules. I know that if I need any of them, all I need to do is pick up a phone and they will make time. I also love the fact that these 3 girls
that posed with me for prom pictures, will be standing beside me for my wedding pictures 9 years later.

Sunday my mom and I had K and we made candy apples

My mom and I found this set at Costco which makes 8 caramel candy apples. It was so messy, but so much fun. I think it may have to become a fall tradition in my house.

So that was my very busy weekend!

Hope everyone else had just as awesome of one!!

October 8, 2010

Halloween Fun??

Another odds and ends post? It seems like that's all I ever do now. I'm considering doing another 30 day blog challenge, to force myself to blog but then I think why set yourself up for failure.

I am currently on my reading week from school, and that is all I'm doing. I feel like I'm drowning in readings.

I have actually had a portion of this post saved in my drafts since Friday with every intention of finishing it and posting it by latest Saturday. As you can see that did not happen. I have a bunch of that I have posts planned for: Some wedding stuff, some weekend stuff, some school stuff. But with Halloween rapidly approaching, I figured I would do a post on that.

I consider myself the scrooge of Halloween. I hate it. Passionately. I would be perfectly happy to simply skip Halloween all together and go straight to Christmas, a much more adequate holiday if you ask me. Now don't get me wrong, I think Halloween is great for kids (although its becoming less and less fun yearly as psycho's poison candy and stick razor blades in chocolate, but that is an entirely different post for a different day). I love going to watch the girls dress up and trick or treat, but honestly, I think that has to come to an end at the age of about 12. Then you become a candy giver, not a candy taker. Dressing up at 25 for a Halloween party is not my idea of fun.

Unfortunately I have a group of friends and a wonderful fiance who disagree with me. Therefore, Halloween becomes a bit of a war every year. A party is planned where costumes are required. I play my scrooge act and flat out refuse to dress up (I mean, the prices of costumes are ridiculous! I refuse to pay $60-70 for one night. And for those of you who want to take the "make your own" approach.....tried it....it's not that much cheaper!) I also get ganged up on every year and forced, unwillingly and very unhappily, into some overly priced outfit that I never wanted. Want some examples? Here ya go.....

2005 - Doctor and a nurse

2006 I found pictures of us not dressed up! Did I actually win that year???? If so, HOW?!?!

2007 - Little Red Riding Hood

2008 - A GoGo girl

2009 - I refused to go get a costume this year. So instead I spent costume money on these super cute boots and went as a cowgirl. I love these boots. Best costume ever.

So what is the point of this post? Other than a reason to pull out vintage pictures of myself and make me feel crappy about the weight I've gained?

2010 - In august we got invited to a pub for a Halloween/my brother in laws birthday party. We agreed to go (I mean he is my brother in law) and I'm thinking score, no dressing up. Boy was I wrong. Costumes are, of course, mandatory. So here we go again. I'm currently in the I'm not dressing up. I'm wearing jeans, my York sweater and Uggs and going as a university student. C is currently in the process of wearing me down little by little. I will keep you updated. My dreams of winning are not optimistic.

Oh and just as an aside. I hope all of my Canadian followers had an awesome Thanksgiving. I'm still full from all the food, but had a wonderful weekend visiting with all of my family.