October 8, 2010

Halloween Fun??

Another odds and ends post? It seems like that's all I ever do now. I'm considering doing another 30 day blog challenge, to force myself to blog but then I think why set yourself up for failure.

I am currently on my reading week from school, and that is all I'm doing. I feel like I'm drowning in readings.

I have actually had a portion of this post saved in my drafts since Friday with every intention of finishing it and posting it by latest Saturday. As you can see that did not happen. I have a bunch of that I have posts planned for: Some wedding stuff, some weekend stuff, some school stuff. But with Halloween rapidly approaching, I figured I would do a post on that.

I consider myself the scrooge of Halloween. I hate it. Passionately. I would be perfectly happy to simply skip Halloween all together and go straight to Christmas, a much more adequate holiday if you ask me. Now don't get me wrong, I think Halloween is great for kids (although its becoming less and less fun yearly as psycho's poison candy and stick razor blades in chocolate, but that is an entirely different post for a different day). I love going to watch the girls dress up and trick or treat, but honestly, I think that has to come to an end at the age of about 12. Then you become a candy giver, not a candy taker. Dressing up at 25 for a Halloween party is not my idea of fun.

Unfortunately I have a group of friends and a wonderful fiance who disagree with me. Therefore, Halloween becomes a bit of a war every year. A party is planned where costumes are required. I play my scrooge act and flat out refuse to dress up (I mean, the prices of costumes are ridiculous! I refuse to pay $60-70 for one night. And for those of you who want to take the "make your own" approach.....tried it....it's not that much cheaper!) I also get ganged up on every year and forced, unwillingly and very unhappily, into some overly priced outfit that I never wanted. Want some examples? Here ya go.....

2005 - Doctor and a nurse

2006 I found pictures of us not dressed up! Did I actually win that year???? If so, HOW?!?!

2007 - Little Red Riding Hood

2008 - A GoGo girl

2009 - I refused to go get a costume this year. So instead I spent costume money on these super cute boots and went as a cowgirl. I love these boots. Best costume ever.

So what is the point of this post? Other than a reason to pull out vintage pictures of myself and make me feel crappy about the weight I've gained?

2010 - In august we got invited to a pub for a Halloween/my brother in laws birthday party. We agreed to go (I mean he is my brother in law) and I'm thinking score, no dressing up. Boy was I wrong. Costumes are, of course, mandatory. So here we go again. I'm currently in the I'm not dressing up. I'm wearing jeans, my York sweater and Uggs and going as a university student. C is currently in the process of wearing me down little by little. I will keep you updated. My dreams of winning are not optimistic.

Oh and just as an aside. I hope all of my Canadian followers had an awesome Thanksgiving. I'm still full from all the food, but had a wonderful weekend visiting with all of my family.


Jennifer said...

I say go to a goodwill/salvation army and get some 60s or 70s clothes to go as a hippie or disco type person. That should be cheap.

Nicole said...

put on a dress suit and your hair up and go as a lawyer :) I put together a Marilyn Monroe costume one year for less than $30.