December 30, 2010


I have seen a lot of bloggers either do this or a resolution post. Seeing as I don't make resolutions (largely based on the fact the my record for keeping a resolution stands at about 3 days) and that New Years Eve is tomorrow (!), I thought it would be fun to take this route and show you some of my favourite 2010 memories.
Celebrating the Bestest's 25th at Blue Suede Sue's

C's mardi Gras themed work Christmas party

Celebrated my sister's 34th

Celebrated 8 years with the love of my life

Celebrated St. Patty's Day with some good friends

Threw V a bridal shower
Saw Carrie Underwood in concert

Saw K perform "Disco Frog" for the first time

Celebrated K bringing home a gold medal for "Disco Frog"

Easter at the cottage with the family

V's bachelorette at Blue Suede Sues

S & V's rehearsal dinner

Watched S & V get married

Saw Taylor Swift in concert

Started watching these two full time

Watched K graduate from Kindergarten

Celebrated my brothers 22nd

Celebrating Canada Day
5 days at the cottage with great friends

Watched S & J get married

Wonderland with my two favourite little girls

Attended a surprise 20th B-Day party for my brother's girlfriend

Ex with C's family to celebrate our birthdays

Celebrated all three of our birthdays with family

Celebrated my 25th and C's 27th with friends at West 50

Celebrated B turning 2

Thanksgiving with family

Celebrated J's 25th

Watched D & C get married

Halloween Haunt at Wonderland

Halloween with Family

Went to T's photography exhibit

Celebrated K's 6th Birthday

Celebrated S's 25th (photo from J's B-day as I forgot my camera)

Went on my first big trip with C, in which I saw my first two live football games

Tree hunting with the family
Brought Brady home

It's been a great year, filled with awesome memories with all of the people I love most. Here's hoping 2011 brings the same!

December 28, 2010


I hope all of you had an awesome Christmas!

We had a very busy but fun Christmas weekend filled 3 full days of visiting and socializing. Unfortunately because I was so busy I don't have any pictures.

Santa was also very good.

I got C this guy

which I know you already knew, but I can't help posting pictures of his adorable face. Here's one more for good measure

My wonderful fiance spoiled me again this year. I got

Blue Uggs which I saw for the first time in Buffalo because the cheerleaders were wearing them. I mentioned to C that I liked them and he started the ball rolling on getting them for me that night. Love them.

Red Hunter Wellies which I have wanted for a while now. I'm actually very excited for rain so that I can wear them.

I also got a Costco membership which is a practical gift based on the amount of money I spend a year getting pictures printed. I also figure we can now start buying our groceries there and start saving some money for that wedding that isn't getting any further away.

My favourite gift this year actually wasn't given to me or by me.

My immediate family does a secret Santa every year to save money. This year my brother got my sister and shortly after we drew names I heard that Backstreet boys were coming to Toronto with New Kids on the Block. My sister was a HUGE NKOTB fan and I'm not going to lie, I was obsesses with BSB. When I heard that they were coming I did some recon to find out who had my sisters name and asked them if they were willing to buy the ticket for her as her gift and I would buy my own. That's what we did, and let me tell you it was torture keeping it a secret for over a month. Three of my good friends from highschool are also going with us so I had to recruit them to not put it on facebook and help me keep it a secret. We were successful and when my sister finally got to open the ticket on boxing day she completely freaked out, as expected. I have her reaction on video but I'm not going to embarrass her by putting it on here. For those of you who have me on facebook, expect to see it shortly.

I also did some boxing day shopping and spoiled myself. The deals were not as good as they were on Black Friday in the states but I still managed to spend a fortune by picking up

I would say I was pretty successful!

How was Christmas for everyone else? I would love to hear what Santa brought!