December 4, 2010


I know I owe you all trip recaps but after a particularly crappy week at work I felt the need to vent.

For those of you that know me, or have followed this blog for an extended period of time, you know how much I love this time of the season. I love the music, sound smells, and yes, even the busy shopping malls. Working at a retail position (which I won't name) as a cashier/customer service rep occasionally can put a damper on this mood, but it has never been as bad as the childishness that I witnessed this week.

Friday I witnessed two grown adults get into a full war in front of me over who happened to be first in line. They were the only two people in line, and the one who went second literally had to wait 10 seconds longer than the first. Even so, this caused a full melt down which resulted in name calling, yelling, screaming and me ending up bleeding from trying to rush one of them out of the store. Patience people, patience. It's very important during this time of the year. It's Christmas, we are all supposed to love one another.

This was bad enough, but really not enough to ruin my favourite time of the year. By the time today rolled around I was actually thinking back on it in an almost comic way. I mean, two adults (over 40 at least) throwing a tantrum that could give my 2 year old niece a run for her's a little funny....
...And then today happened.

I have never been so disgusted in my life.

As I said, I work retail. This means that I work with a lot of teenagers, many of who are starting their very first jobs. I was working at customer service today, and one of the cashiers was one of these kids who is fairly new (only started a few weeks ago) and is 16 years old. She suffers from a medium to severe form of Acne, a problem that many teenagers struggle with. We all should be aware that having this problem in such a visible area, like the face, is hard enough to deal with without it being pointed out. Unfortunately another grown adult who apparently lives in my area has not learned this proper form of etiquette and found it necessary to point out this girls problem, on a busy Saturday, in front of a line full of customers, by giving her a card about acne and telling her that she should really have her face looked at.

All I can really say is who does that?? He intentionally embarrassed this kid and made her cry for no reason. I'm so mad.

I know people have bad days and problems at work or at home, but they really need to think before they act. A bad day is no reason to intentionally hurt someone, especially a young cashier who works a shit job, for shit pay. Even if this customer thought he was helping (which I highly doubt), all he managed to do was make an already self conscious teenage girl more upset and uncomfortable.

I'm sorry for such a downer post, especially during this time of the year but I am seriously disgusted.

On a more positive note we are going to cut down out tree tomorrow, hopefully this can help bring back my Christmas spirit!

I hope everyone else is having a better weekend!

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Pinkbilly said...

This is why I absolutely hate working retail! I have my good days and my bad days, but I seriously don't go shopping on my bad days and bitch out every cashier. Another thing I hate...I could have every nice and wonderful customer come in to my store, but once I serve that rude and disrespectful customer, my entire day is ruined. I wish I could forget half the days I work ;P