December 7, 2010

Pennsylvania: Black Friday Shopping

I am WAY behind on my blogging. Exams, final assignments and work have pretty much screwed me over in this department. On the bright side, I wrote my final exam on Sunday (yes Sunday, my University hates us) and I am officially done!!!! I have a lot of potential blog posts floating around in my head, so I'm planning on posting several in the coming days, including one about some possible big news going on right now (but I'm sure you have all grown used to my laziness, so none of you will be holding your breath!)

I figured I would start with another trip recap.

We left Detroit Thursday night and headed to Pennsylvania in pouring rain that would not stop. It was a very long drive, longer than I think we anticipated, but I love Pennsylvania and I think this trip made me love it more, so it was worth it.

Pennsylvania is such a beautiful state, so the drive was at least pleasant. We got to our hotel (much easier than the whole Detroit fiasco) late so we stayed in to get ready for what I expected to be a crazy Friday.

We did not go and line up at stores a 4am, much to C's disappointment. Around 2 I got a little nudge asking if I wanted to go and I not so nicely told him if he wanted to stand in the rain then he could go ahead. I'm a fan of sleeping at 4, not shopping. So we got up and headed to our first store, Walmart, at about 10. I was expecting madness and was actually a little disappointed. Walmart in Pennsylvania on the biggest shopping day of the year was nothing compared to the Walmart by my house on some random Tuesday. Nevertheless I did get some good deals and picked up First Choice by Nicholas Sparks, Lost Symbol by Dan Brown and one other book (I really can't remember the title right now). I went to the cash to pay, again expecting to wait in some hour long line up and again was shocked to see that I could immediately go to cash and pay, no waiting.

We jumped back in the car and headed to Best Buy.

Here it was busy, but not crazy, and I did some damage. I got:

As well as another memory card for my camera and new headphones because my old ones were crap. We then headed to Grove City, which was the part of the trip I was most excited for. I have to admit I was slightly disappointed. I guess because Prime outlets is an outlet mall and therefore have good deals every day they didn't do the whole Black Friday thing. After dragging C around to store after store in the FREEZING cold I only walked away with one zip up hoodie from Aeropostal (which I love and pretty much wear all the time)

After a busy day shopping it was time for dinner and C was determined to go to Olive Garden. I have never been but have heard good things so off we went. I'm now officially addicted. It was SO good, but the portions we HUGE!

I ordered the stuffed cheese ravioli which comes with a starter salad. Well when they brought this salad out it was big enough to be my meal. I was only about halfway through when this came out

I am proud to say that I did finish it (not the salad, but the ravioli) but I was still very stuffed at breakfast the next morning.

Saturday morning we woke up to this

Yucky snow....

but the plan was to go to Millcreek mall, so that's what we did, as well as hitting Buybacks and Barnes and Noble. By the end of the day we had accumulated this

I would say we were fairly successful.

All in all Pennsylvania did not disappoint. I loved the state before this trip and I love it even more now.

As for black Friday, definitely not as bad as I was told or expected. I would do it again, and next time without the added stress of anticipation.

Next up football in Buffalo!

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