November 30, 2010

Trip Recaps: Detroit

I'm Back!

We got back late Sunday night, and yesterday was spend recovering, sleeping and unpacking. Today it's back to real life.

We had a lot of fun, ate WAY too much and spent more money then I probably should have. I figure I will break up the posts into three, by state, to make them smaller and not give you posts with a million pictures. First up Detroit!

We left around 1:00 on Wednesday and began the 4 hour drive to Detroit. We took our time stopping to eat and pee often. I didn't drive at all (I'm not a fan of driving, C drives pretty much 98% of the time) but I found even being a passenger in Detroit impossible. The lights were confusing, the street signs were no existent and figuring out where to turn was not easy. So naturally, we got lost looking for out hotel. We passed it a bunch of times, which we figured out when C pulled into a gas station, cracked out the Iphone and looked up direction, noticing that the White Castle that we were currently staring at was directly across the street from the hotel. We finally got there and checked in about 7 and at this time I was tired and hungry and perfectly willing to order pizza and go to bed. C....not so much. He was determined to get to Pondarosa. So we broke out the computers, went to Google maps, wrote down directions and headed out again. And again got lost. Repeat the pulling over, looking at the iphone, searching landmarks and finally getting dinner about 8:00.

Needless to say once we ate (sooo good) and finally made our way back to the hotel all we wanted to do was sleep.

Thursday morning we were up early to eat breakfast, get showered and ready to get to the Detroit Lions game. I am proud to announce the we DID NOT get lost! (no need to mention the thousands of cars ahead of us going to the same place). This was my first football game ever, in Detroit, cheering for the opposite team (New England Patriots) and of course my loving fiance had to dress himself entirely in Patriots gear, so there was no way people would ignore us. The game was actually really fun and the Patriots won!. Ford field is beautiful with spacious, comfy seats and a roof! I'm not going to lie, I still don't totally understand the sport, but I'm trying and I think I'm doing much better.

We left right after the game with the intention of hitting The Melting Pot for dinner. It was closed (very sad) along with Burger King (not so sad). This is SO different from Canada. Here, on Thanksgiving, restaurants are open, especially fast food places, but you live and you learn. We managed to find a 24 hour Arby's and didn't starve so it was all good (and I experienced Diet Mountain Dew for the first time ever....I may have an addiction....). We ate, got back on the road and started a long journey to Pennsylvania.

And, of course, I will leave you with some pictures

Kid Rock's awesome half time performance - Born Free

The only picture I have of C and I from the whole trip

My New England fan

So that was Detroit. Up next, Black Friday shopping in Pennsylvania!

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