November 15, 2010

It has almost been...

Two weeks since my last post!! What have I been doing???? Here's a list:

1) Essay: I had a paper due today, so the better part of the last week has been spent stressing over that

2) Getting Sick: I currently feel awful. I am living on Apple Cinnamon tea from Tim Hortons, and the fiance has been wonderful about going to get it whenever I want. As I type this I am in my PJ's (yeah it's 4:00 in the what?), in bed and watching "Save the Last Dance." I become rather pathetic when I'm sick.

3) Wedding: I have a few updates, but I'm hoping to actually do a Wedding Wednesday post on Wednesday and update then. We shall see

4) Trip: We leave in a week and a half! Passports are here, hotels are booked, tickets have been purchased. I'm slowly getting really excited. I need a vacation

5) Birthdays: My beautiful niece K turned 6 on November 10th (insert a pouting auntie here). Yesterday we had her birthday party at a play place by my sisters house. Yes, I was sick. No, 10 screaming children did not help. I do have to share the awesome cake the my sister's friend made. This is the same friend that made B's circus cake for her 2nd birthday here. This cake was Barbie's Corvette

I failed at taking this photo, but the inside of the car came complete with seats, a steering wheel and gear shift

and of course one of the birthday girl herself. Happy 6th Birthday K!!

7) Readings, readings and more readings!

8) Spending time with friends: We went to a small house party on Saturday. We had a great time catching up with good friends

9) Working!

I think that is pretty much everything. Hope everyone else had an awesome weekend

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