September 22, 2010

I swear I'm still here!

Wow...So I am probably the world's worst blogger.

I have been officially back at school for just under two weeks and I already feel like I am drowning in books, readings and homework. I have been trying as best as I can to keep up with all of your blogs, and comment as much as possible.

My computer is finally back in working condition. We had to wipe my hard drive, which means I'm going crazy trying to get everything back to exactly the way I like it. After trying many different things to fix the stupid thing, we finally figured out that it was my memory stick that had just decided to give up on life one day. Who knew that one tiny little part could cause so much aggravation? So anyways, $40.00 later I am back in working order.

Obviously I am WAY behind on blogging, so we are going to back track just a bit. This post will be dedicated to the Labour day long weekend (Yes I am that behind).

Labour day weekend was SUPER busy for us.

Saturday we had our birthday party with all of our friends. We had them over to my house for a BBQ and then went to West 50, a bar/club close to my house. It was such a good night. I tried both apple (yuck) and strawberry (sooooo good) beer, and probably drank way more than I should have.

New Movies

Purse that the bestest got for me

Amazing purse hanging hook that ensures I never have to put my purse on the floor again

All my girls. Love each and every one of them

Drinks! Mine was the one with the sugar around the rim. It was a Jolly Rancher Martini (really good)


Me with a beer boot (I'm holding it backwards because I was slightly inebriated at this point)

Such a good and fun night with all of the people that I love. A perfect way to end my summer.

Sunday was a day for recovery. Even though the bestest and I ventured to Walmart (with a slight hangover) to find a birthday present for B's 2nd birthday party which was Monday.

Cake that my sister's best friend made for the party

Back of the cake

The Birthday Girl and me

N, Baby B and I

So that was our long weekend. Very, very busy as always but we are used to it and it is always fun.

I'm going to try to get back into a blogging routine, but with school and the first season of Glee which C surprised me with last week I can't make promises. I'm about half way through the first season, and am completely addicted. I have last night's premiere safely PVR'd and plan to be all caught up and ready to go by next week's episode. Maybe then I will have more time!

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Nicole said...

I have one of those purse hangers. I didn't know what it was when I first got it (got it as a gift) so I finally googled it. hahaha.

And super cute cake!