August 21, 2010

Day 26: Your week in great detail

I'm posting from the boys computer tonight because I was too lazy to bring my own, so this will be a picture free post.

I don't think I can remember everything I've done for the last week, and I'm way too lazy to write out everything that I can think of, so your getting this post in point form.

Saturday: C's grandfather's memorial (very early day!), lazy day at home with C which included Wendy's, a nap and The Perfect Storm

Sunday: slept in, spend most of the day reading my book, showered and got ready for soccer, headache from hell, McDonald's, bath, bed

Monday: I worked late, and I was still recovering from above headache, so I spent most of the day in bed. I finished my book, worked customer service from 5 - 9, C picked me up and we spent the evening with my daddy, until my brother and his girlfriend came home

Tuesday: A typical day with B and K. Breakfast, t.v, N came over with baby B and we walked to the grocery store, as well as shoppers. I wanted to deposit a cheque I had but I forgot it at home, stopped for pizza with the girls and spend some time catching up with N. C picked me up at 5 and we went to his house for the evening

Wednesday: Same routine with the girls. Finished another book.

Thursday: I worked late again, but I actually tried to be productive during the day. I got some stuff done for school, including applying for my bus card, and looking up my book list. Went to work at 5, C picked me up at 9 and dropped me off at home, and I spent the evening scanning his baby pictures for our wedding slide show.

Friday: You can read about Friday here

Saturday: Today has been pretty quiet. I worked (of course). C and I have spent the evening on our computers (me pricing my books for school, and he's fixing his mom's computer)

This was actually pretty boring. My week has been relatively uneventful. Sorry!

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