August 4, 2010

Wedding Wenesday's

I've decided to limit my wedding ramblings to a specific day.

First up: Continued centerpiece frustrations.

I finally found the perfect vases for my centerpieces. They are exactly the right size, look exactly how I envisioned them and were right in what I consider to be a perfect price range. Your wondering where I found these perfect vases right??

Believe it or not I found them at Walmart. Here they are:

They are absolutely perfect. So you would think the rest would be easy right? Just go over to Walmart purchase a large quantity of shown vases, and be done with this whole nightmare.....right??.....wrong!

of course they don't have nearly enough stock of any of the sizes. So I'm told I need to contact a specific lady in the morning to inquire about ordering the quantity that I need. Fine. I purchase one full set so I know exactly what I'm talking about when I call. I pick up the phone at 9 this morning and start calling. Apparently the people who work at Walmart don't believe in answering phones until 11.....I'm slightly annoyed at this point...but least they finally got around to answering. I get transferred to crafts and give the lady that answered the phone the name of the person I was instructed to speak with. Apparently this lady only works from 8-2 each day, and at 11 had stepped out for a couple of hours.....fine....I leave my name and number and a message for her to call me. It's now you think she has called....nope!!!!! Now I am downright pissed. I'm on the verge of returning the above set and taking my business elsewhere, where I may have to pay more money for the same thing, but will at least receive adequate customer service.

If I do end up keeping these sets, the plan is to put white calla lilies in the large and medium sized vases

And a Gerbera Daisey in the smallest vase.

This is where the other problem comes in because I am having a ridiculously hard time finding the exact shade of purple that I want.

I'm guessing the colour closest to the one I'm picturing is either the one in the top right, or the one that is second last on the bottom right. But honestly I'd probably be happy if they were a shade darker. My MOH and I also hit a florist yesterday to find out if I can even get Gerbera Daisies in that particular shade, and whether it would be cheaper to use silk flowers instead of fresh. I am currently also waiting for a phone call back about all of this.

Hopefully I will have all of this sorted out by next Wednesday so I can move on to bigger and better things.


Kristin said...

How annoying!!! It will look absolutely beautiful, if you can get it worked out....which I'm sure you can! Good luck.

Jennifer said...

Love the idea. Good luck finding everything you need for it.