January 11, 2012

Wedding Wednesday - Tuxes!

That's right people, we did it!!

Now I know in my last blog, I said that the tuxes would be checked off the list by the end of the week. Well we did it on Monday, I'm still giving it to myself because it's done! (and technically in less than a week from when I set the goal)

When we firts got engaged, we joined out friends Steve and Vanessa for a wedding show, and for some reason ended up signing a contract with Moores which we thought only guaranteed $30.00 off of each tux.

While Chris was searching the internet he found a new deal, that still offered $30.00 off of each tux but the groom could choose between a free tux rental or a credit for a $400.00 suit.

We decided to go in on Monday and see what we could get, and we were lucky enough to be dealing with the manager who has amazing customer service.

He walked us through the process, and we ended up deciding on this Calvin Klein tuxedo for all of the boys to wear, as well as Chris, our fathers and the MC (with different coloured vests and ties).

The tux is originally 179.99, but the manager was nice enough to offer us the current wedding show deal, which was $40.00 off each tux as well as the credit for a suit for Chris. Sold.

At this point he handed us off to his associate, who he said was better at computer work. She came over and started typing and after a few minutes looked at us and said the original deal that we had from the original wedding show was better because it not only offered $30.00 off each tux, it apparently also held the 2009 prices.

So in the end we ended up getting an 180.00 tux for 119.00 a person, and to top it all off, because the manager felt bad for steering us in the wrong direction (which he didn't, he was just trying to help) we are still getting the 400.00 credit for Chris's suit.

I am so excited that we got this done, and got it at a price that was reasonable.


Lindsay said...

Woo hoo! Awesome! Great deal too!! Nice to check off another item eg? xo

Nicole said...

Oh wow, nice!

Sara said...

woohoo!!! Great deal & even better to have one more thing checked off!