January 4, 2012

Wedding Wednesday: To Do List and Check in

Happy Wednesday!

First of all, I have to wish my bestest a very happy 27th birthday!!

So it's officially 2012, which means that it is also officially my wedding year! This means that as of January 1st, I have turned into a crazy bride who needs to get everything done NOW.

Since I barely did anything in December (Christmas break....for the whole month..) I figured I would use today to look at the to-do list that I made in November and figure out what I actually did, and what still needs to be done.

: This really needs to be done. If I don't have a lime by the end of the month there are going to be problems.

* Invitations: I did this! I got them from Invitation Styles and I absolutely love them. Now I need to get them all together and addressed so I can send them out in mid February

* Favours: I swear I know where to find them and I know exactly what I want. It's just the ordering that seems to be the problem. Another must for this month.

* Tuxes: Yeah there are no words. This isn't a monthly goal, this is a weekly one. My boys WILL have tuxes by the end of this week.

* Alterations: I'm working on it!

* Guestbook: Something I actually did! My guest book was ordered from Shutterfly and it's perfect.

Bachelorette Weekend: I'm making this one blue to help with my pride. I did my part of the bachelorette weekend. The second last weekend in April, my bridesmaids, mom, sister and a few close friends will be heading to Blue Mountain to spend the weekend in a beautiful chalet. I nailed down the date, guest list and venue...my work is done.

Bridal Party Gifts: Yeah not even close. I have ideas. Lots of ideas actually. My problem seems to be execution.

So I have managed to accomplish 3 things on my list...since November.....

And of course the list keeps growing, so here is what I hope to get done by the time February rolls around

*Flower Girl Dresses: This is probably the one thing I have been excited for since I got engaged, other than buying my dress. I can't wait to see the two cutest little girls all dressed up in their pretty white dresses. We have been putting it off because they are 7 and 3, and growing every single day but I think we are finally at the point where we can buy them and they will still fit at the end of May

* Shopping for my mom's dress: She's the one who has been putting this one off, but it needs to be done

* Go for my first dress fitting: My dress is in. As soon as my shoes get here I am making an appointment for my first fitting. I absolutely cannot wait to put that dress on again.

* Find a Card Box: I think I want a card box that holds pictures, I just need to find one that isn't going to cost me a fortune. I know you can make them, but the tutorials look a bit ambitious for this girl.

* Book hair and Make Up Appointments: This one is easy. I see blue in my future

* Get Invitations ready to be sent: I want to have them addressed, in envelopes with stamps, sitting and waiting to go.

* Decide on an engagement print and order it: I do really need to do this. My photographer wants to work on it and he's going to start getting mad.

I'm sure there is so much more that I am forgetting but I think all of this grouped with all of those daunting little red tasks above are going to keep me busy enough.


Lindsay said...

Ahh!! Good luck!! I've gone into crazy bride mode now too being that it's wedding year! Woo hoo! I'm sure you'll get through your list just fine! Just keep checking one item off at a time! xo

Nathan said...

I tagged you in a post on my blog if you want to play along! http://spreenmvp.blogspot.com/2012/01/tag.html