January 30, 2012

The bestest posted this a couple of days ago and I decided to steal it because I am suffering from major bloggers block and can't think of anything significant to write about. So 10 days of pre planned posts works for me.

Day 10: secrets
Day 9: loves
Day 8: fears
Day 7: wants
Day 6: places you want to go
Day 5: foods
Day 4: books
Day 3: films
Day 2: songs
Day 1: picture of yourself

Day 10: Secrets (I don't know how many of these qualify as secrets but whatever)

1) I LOVE getting mail. It's probably the highlight of my day and if I am home I will go check every hour until it comes. I even like getting bills and I'm secretly disappointed when there is nothing there for me. (This is going to make getting wedding responses back very fun)

2) I have to take a hot bath and read at least one chapter of my book every night before bed or I can't sleep (I guess this says so much more about my obsession with routine)

3) I have never been a "city" girl. I have always been more interested in a big country home, with a white picket fence, a couple of kids and dogs.

4) I am not a traveler by any means. I would much rather be at home than anywhere else. I have gotten better but taking trips are still not on the top of my list.

5) If Chris and I were ever financially secure enough I would love to be a stay at home mom.

6) I love surprises but I hate waiting for them. I'm the type of person that will ask what my Christmas present is and then when you go to tell me I will tell you not to.

7) I am a control freak. Lack of control drives me crazy and I will try to take over every chance I get

8) I take 2-3 needles everyday but I still can't watch anyone else get one. That includes on T.V. I will close my eyes every time.

9) I'm a big believer in first impressions. I will decide if I like a person or not normally within the first 10 minutes, and if I decide I don't there's normally no going back.

10) I have a writing degree with no real desire to write. I feel like University killed my love of writing by forcing me to think of everything in essay format.

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