July 13, 2010

Wedding Frustrations

So I promised you a bunch of updates last week....and it never happened....

....but I'm doing it now. Better late than never....right????

July has turned out to be an INSANELY busy month. We leave on Thursday for 5 days at the cottage with a bunch of friends, so I have been going nuts trying to get together last minute details. I'm always tired and stressed in the weeks leading up to a trip, but it always ends up turning out fine.

On top of vacation stress, I've have been in complete wedding mode lately and stressing myself out even more (this is supposed to be relaxing summer vacation....right?) Remember me talking about frustrating wedding plans here? Well that had to do with my centerpieces, which I showed you here. They look fairly simple right? WRONG. These have been the most IMPOSSIBLE things to find in my entire life. Now granted, I could go out and buy them for about 30 dollars a set (only the vases, this does not cover the costs of the stones, flowers and candles that will be placed inside of them) but I am marrying the most budget conscious man ever, so if I did that I would probably no longer be having a wedding. I could also order them from the US....if I wanted to pay double the cost for the shipping (not going to happen).

So lets just say, I have spent the better part of a month searching the internet, checking prices, sending C endless texts about places we need to go, and getting more and more annoyed. I FINALLY found the perfect vases at Michaels, but they were still a tad over budget, but I knew if it came down to it, I would buy them because to be honest, I was sick of looking and was ready to move on to bigger and better things. I decided to look at one more place (Walmart), but I decided to leave C at home because I think he's pretty much sick of the whole centerpiece debate, so I dragged the bestest and V to Walmart last Friday, and wouldn't you know...they had them! They are EXACTLY the same set of vases as Michaels, but half the price. You are now looking at a happy bride. Hopefully I can get C to come with me tonight, to give his heartfelt approval (more a if-you-like-it-then-I-don't-really-care nod) then we can buy them and be done with this whole thing. I will post pictures as soon as I get them.

I'm thinking my photographer is next on the list. Hopefully this search goes smoother than both the centerpiece and venue hunts.

I know I promised some book and movie reviews, but I think a post on vacation and wedding stress is enough for one day. So I will save my Eclipse review for next time.

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Sara said...

good luck finding your photographer!! We are at 100 days left as of today, I know how big of a decision that can be! Have fun on your vacation :-)