June 2, 2010

I have some catching up to do....

Hello all!

I have been such a crappy blogger! I'm not going to even try to make excuses this time. It's just pure laziness.

I guess I will start with a bit of a rant. My enrollment date for 4th year is tonight at 6:30, and it has caused me nothing but headaches thus far. I have learned from my three years at York, that they get pure joy out of making everything as complicated as humanly possible. We all make our own schedules yearly, and we all need to make sure we have all of the requirements per year to graduate, with little to no help from the faculty. Obviously, being that I do want to graduate in April of next year, this year I need to be 100% positive that everything is in order. You would think that a university would make this simple. Nope. We have a bunch of core courses that we need to have, along with several electives. Through this, we need to have a certain amount of credits from one area and a certain amount from another, without any crossovers or problems.

I have literally spent the past week sitting in front of my computer with a million tabs opened, as well as 2-3 course books on my lap, trying desperately to figure out what exactly I NEED to graduate. Frustrating? YES! I am finally at the point where I am 99.9% sure that I only need my fourth year credits to graduate, now I need to make all of them fit. York also makes this next to impossible. They put the core courses right in the middle of the day, covering a three hour slot. They also put most of the English credits in the same time slot, so literally anything remotely interesting, that is actually worth taking, doesn't fit. UGH! I'm at the point where I figure I will just wing it at 6:30 and whatever I get, I get.

Ok...Rant over.

I added the goodreads tab at the side of my blog today all by myself. Pretty proud of myself actually. I didn't have to argue with C to get it done.

Other than the great York war that I am in the middle of, I have been on the hunt for vases to help me create my perfect centerpieces and have come up with a few options.

This is basically the look I'm going for, but I think the smallest vase is not tall enough.

This is probably a bit more accurate

But these ones twist, so they are fun

Any opinions?

And my final piece of agenda for the day is to introduce you to some great finds for today:

Kayleigh, at my I-Do it yourself wedding is hosting an awesome monogram giveaway for all you brides out there, go check her out.

And Stacy at You Can't Take it With You has provided me with my entertainment for the day by posting site she runs with another blogger titled Letters from a pissed off bride. Definitely recommend checking this out.

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Stacy Marie said...

Thank you for the rec my friend! And best of luck with those awful requirements...they're just awful. Definitely the biggest headache of school!