May 27, 2010

Top Three Thursday

This weeks top three Thursday topic over at Keeping up With Kelly is Top Three Vacation spots. I'm going to alter it slightly seeing as I don't really go anywhere and make it Top Three DREAM Vacation spots.

1) Venice, Italy: Such a beautiful city that is so rich in history and architecture. I would love to spend a week just exploring.

2)Pearl Harbor, Hawaii. I'm pretty much addicted to the history found here as well. I would love to go and visit the area where the World War II attacks took place, and visit some of the ships that still lay there. This (as well as the Hawaiian beaches) appeal to me.

3) Paris, France: Again, such a beautiful place. I think the Eiffel Tower should be on everyone's must see list. A friend of my left for France on a two week trip today. I'm VERY jealous.

So there you have it. Hopefully my wonderful fiance will take notes about these potential honeymoon destinations! If you want to play along, head on over to Kelly's blog.


Kelly Denise said...

Great places to visit

Thanks for playing

Have a great night

Sunshine4Life said...

Venice and Paris are in my list, too! I fall in love with Venice when i watched a nice movie way back in 2004. :)

Have a nice day!


just another Belle said...

I can't say that any of these three would be in my top choices, but they are beautiful!

have you signed up for the custom monogram giveaway on my blog??

canuckitude said...

Hrmmm...? I was thinking Boston, .406 club and front row-back stop seats to the Red Sox... no?