May 2, 2010

Weekend and Wedding.

So lets begin with the fact that I am sick, and have been so since Friday (the wedding was Saturday).

Thursday, before I got sick, we began the day with mani/pedi's for just the bridal party.
This was fun, and a nice way for the girls to just hang out and relax before the craziness began. Thursday evening we had the rehearsal dinner. This was a little less formal than any other rehearsal that I have seen. We basically ran through the order we would be in when walking down the aisle, and the venue co-coordinator went through our positioning and timing for the ceremony for both the outdoor and indoor settings (just in case). We then headed back to V's parents house for a mini BBQ and some fun conversation. We also did gifts at the rehearsal dinner. The boys got watches with the wedding date engraved on the back, and the girls got out necklace and earrings for the day, as well as a cute collectors bell with the word bridesmaid engraved on it, and our money back for our shoes.

This is the entire BP at the rehearsal, and probably the best picture of all of us that I have.

Friday was a rest day. I watched the girls, but I was definitely sick, and beginning to get very worried that I caught the strep throat that my sister had earlier in the week while also praying that it went away before the next day.

It didn't, but it did get a little better. By Saturday morning I was positive it was not strep, but just a minor cold that I probably caught from one of the two cute little girls that I spend three days a week with. So I sucked it up, fed myself some cough medicine and made myself useful.

Saturday morning did not go EXACTLY as planned. There were a few very minor problems (the limo didn't show up to take us to our hair appointment, the photographer was an hour late getting to the house, and then left before us but got to the venue 20 minutes after us, and the DJ lost her itinerary for the whole day) even so, V was probably one of the calmest brides I have ever seen. She didn't let anything get to her all day, and handled it with stride. She says that the only thing that would have upset her was moving the ceremony inside. This was a concern earlier in the day (it was pouring) but by the time we got to the venue and were ready to go the sun was shining, it was warm and there was hardly a cloud in the sky. All in all, even though the morning was rough, V got to marry S the way she planned, so, for her, the day was perfect and that's all that really matters.

So with those intellectual thoughts, I will leave you with some wedding photos!

The Beautiful Bride

V and S - Officially Mr and Mrs.

The love of my life and I

Hope everyone else had an awesome weekend!

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