May 26, 2010

Another mid-week weekend update

I just can't seem to get these weekend updates accomplished early in the week. I think I'm just going to stop trying and make the mid-week weekend update the theme of my blog.

Anyways, for all of us Canadian residents this weekend was Victoria's Day weekend (better known as May 2-4) which gave everyone a well deserved three day weekend. I was SO busy, I feel like I didn't have much of a break at all.

Friday: I worked, and after work C and I went to check out some florists. The next bog thing on my list, at the moment anyway, is our centerpieces, mainly because there are quite a few "pieces" to them, some of which I want to get bought and out of the way now. I can't say our florist trip was all that helpful. It's kind of hard to get them to commit to a price for two years from now. That and I really didn't find anything even close to what my vision was, so I got slightly annoyed and discouraged. Which meant going home, flicking on the computer and searing the internet for the rest of the night for the perfect images of my exact centerpiece idea. So now, for next time, I will go prepared with said pictures and hopefully get farther.

Saturday: I worked. But after work was Taylor Swift! I have to say this concert was awesome. I went with some girlfriends:

Here we all are outside of the stadium ( I really have no idea what I'm doing with my arm and why it looks so awkward). It was fun going to a concert with just the girls. I love C, but I can't say that he is exactly the biggest Taylor Swift fan, so it was fun to go with a group of people who I knew were enjoying it just as much as I was. Here are some pics from the night:

Gloriana and Kellie Pickler were the opening acts. Kellie Pickler is the third American Idol contestant that I have seen this year (The other two being Carrie Underwood and Taylor Hick) and I love her. She is so cute.

Then Came Taylor:

You Belong With Me:

Teardrops on My Guitar:

Love Story:

Should Have Said No:

I took about a million more picture, those are just a few of my favourites (Songs and Pictures)

Which brings me to Sunday: The bestest had a small May 2-4 party at her house with a few close friends. I went there determined not to drink, not sure why. But of course we got there, and the first drink got handed to me and the rest is history. Details.....
It was fun though. V was there, and this was the first time since I saw her since the wedding, so it was nice to catch up. Between all of our busy schedules we don't get a whole lot of chances to all be together in one place anymore, so its always nice to just sit back, relax and catch up with good friends.

Monday: This was SUPPOSED to be rest day, but it turned into cleaning day. My room desperately needed it done, and my OCD was starting to trigger, so I had to do it. I'm happy I did, I can find everything now. I also got around to hanging a picture frame that I got for Christmas.....two years ago....I love it. It looks MUCH better on the wall then it did on my floor. My next goal is to get my engagement pictures developed, and placed in the frame that I bought forever ago and hang that up! Monday afternoon I saw Letters to Juliet (yes....again!) Apparently I told my mom that I would see it with her, but I don't recall the conversation and went with C instead. But I loved the movie so much I told her I'd go again. I will not gush this time, but I will let you know that even after the second viewing the movie did not disappoint.

Yesterday C and I saw Robin Hood. I didn't like it. I was confused and lost for a good portion of the movie and I found it WAY too long (I was bored roughly by the half way point). But don't take my word on this one. I was never a big Robin Hood fan so I'm not going to even pretend to be the best critic.

Which brings me to today! Today is exactly two years until my wedding day. This is exciting for me because it means that tomorrow I can say that my wedding is only 1 year and 364 days away, which sounds SO much better than 2 years. Agreed?

Other than that, right now I am sitting in my sisters house, in which her AC has crapped and its 30 plus degrees. This makes for very miserable children. So I'm thinking when K gets home from school and B wakes up from her nap, its outside, in the sprinkler and some prime tanning time for auntie, until it is time for the manicure with V and my mommy.

This post turned WAY longer than initially planned. If your still here, I apologize.

Hope everyone had an equally awesome weekend and an even better week!

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Brandie said...

Oh I'm SOOOO jealous! Taylor Swift is awesome! We love her around here!