May 6, 2010

Top Three Thursday

Kelly over at Keeping Up With Kelly has a weekly Top Three Thursday Feature, and I thought this weeks topic (Favourite three things about your mom) was nice.

So the top three things that I love about my mother are:

1) Our relationship: I have SO much fun with my mom. It's almost like going out with friends. Whether we are shopping, eating, going to a movie, or just hanging around the house it is always fun and there is typically a story that will come out of it.

2) The Relationship she has with my dad: I have always said that I would be so lucky to have a marriage like my parents. My mother and father have been together from the time my mom was 13. She got pregnant young (16), and my dad stuck around (and fathered two more children) and they are still happily married and more in love then any couple I have ever seen. They have mutual respect for one another, they talk things through and they never take the other one for granted. If C and I are capable of building even half of the life that my parents have worked so hard to provide for us then I would be blissfully happy.

3) Her honest yet loving attitude: I can always count on my mom to tell me the truth. Even if it may not be the nicest thing in the world, she will not lie to me and I find that refreshing. I know that if I ask my mom for her opinion, she will not lie to spare my feelings, but would rather be honest and save me from any further embarrassment.

So there you have it. Head over to Kelly's blog if you want to play!

This has been a crazy week, with me working crazy hours (between the girls and my other part time job). I have a bunch of news (most of it limited to the wedding, of course) but I will save that for another post (one which I may or may not post later tonight, after a well deserved nap).

Until then!


Kelly Denise said...

Aww arent moms the best?
thanks for playing along

have a wonderful day\evening

Chocolate Lover said...

Mom's are awesome!