April 30, 2010

Favourite Fridays

This weeks Favourite Friday topic is Favourite reality competition show.

This one is pretty easy, I LOVE "So You Think You Can Dance." I danced for most of my childhood (roughly from about age 3 to 15..ish). I quit for school, the workload and classes were becoming a bit much, and I was entering highschool, so my friends were becoming my first priority (that and boys). I have to admit, quitting is probably one of my biggest regrets. I loved dancing. Its such a beautiful way to express yourself (not to mention a great way to stay in shape. So I love watching "So You Think You Can Dance" to see both talented, amazing dancers (that stuck with it) express themselves, as well as watching the choreographers who give them such amazing pieces to work with.

I'm pretty much a reality T.V junky. I watch them all, American Idol, Dancing With the Stars, Canadian Idol (of course) and so one. Although this season of American Idol has left me disappointed, so I've stopped watching.

And I will leave you with two things: Moments like make my life:

And a K quote of the Day: "Auntie, One day, when B is your age, she is going to get married like you. But I'm going to get married first. Because one day, I'm going to meet a boy and he's going to want to marry me........
........And then we're going to have to kiss......

She's 5! Where does she come up with these things?


Ashley said...

I like So You Think You Can Dance too! Good choice!

Jen said...

Oh fabulous choice! Thanks for playing & Happy Friday!!