April 7, 2010


I went on a bit of a break, but I'm back

This week has been a bit crazy, between exams, final assignments and school coming to a close, but I am now officially done, and hopefully that means more time for blogging.

I hope everyone had a wonderful Easter weekend. We traveled to the cottage on Saturday, to have a fun filled day of Easter egg hunting and games with the kiddie's (My two beautiful Nieces, not sure if I have mentioned them yet.) It was a good trip, but it is definitely exhausting. Driving three hours, each way, in one day is hard. Next year we are going to need to consider staying until Sunday to break it up a little bit.

Other than that I have been pretty busy with wedding stuff. For some reason finally booking the venue has made me go on a huge wedding kick. I have most of the paperwork for the venue filled out, and have an appointment with them on Sunday to go over some little details that I would like to have ironed out. We have contacted the church and are trying to set up an appointment to come in and put our deposit down on that and I have contacted my cousin to see if she is willing to do our flowers for the day. Oh and I finally got a start on our wedding website, and posted it, and am now sitting back and enjoying all the people that sign our guest book. I have definitely had a productive week, wedding wise.

On top of all of this, V's wedding is rapidly approaching (24 days!) and we still do not have bridesmaids dresses. They are (of course) late. She is surprisingly calm, I'm the one that is freaking out.

We are going crazy planning the bachelorette party. V is the first one of our friends to get married, so we have never done this before and are kind of at a loss. The job has basically been passed off to me (as if I don't have enough to do!), and with the help of the bestest, I have managed to nail down times and locations, as well as some games to keep us occupied through the night. I must say without google, this party probably would have turned into a total mess.

I have a couple more weeks of planning left, so do any of you have any suggestions that you have seen or done at a bachelorette, that you liked?

This week brings another trip to Oakview (these people are going to hate me by the end of these two years) and the wonderfully talented T who took our pre-engagement pictures found here, asked us to model for her again, for one of her final assignments for school. So this Friday we are off to Humber college for a full studio shoot. I', very excited and I can't wait to show you all the final results.

And because I like posts with pictures, I will leave you with yet another one of my beautiful venue (♥)

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Anonymous said...

Oakview is so pretty, I can't wait to see it in person! (even if that's two years from now, lol)

Hopefully your dresses come soon, there's what, 3 weeks left til the wedding now? I'd be freaking out too..it's cutting it waaaay close!