April 22, 2010

A Rant....

I'm currently reading Chosen, by P.C and Kristen Cast.

This is the third book in the series, and I have to admit.....they are driving me nuts. I didn't really like the first book, I found it slow, but it picked up enough at the end for me to continue on. Now that I'm at the third, I'm not anymore impressed.

The first half of all of the books are exactly the same. She gives the same backing information, explains the same characters and the same situations the they have been "struggling" through for the last three books. They are telling me the same crap, that I ALREADY KNOW. It's like they are assuming that some new follower is going to pick up the series and start reading it from the third book. No reader (avid or not) will do that. I honestly feel like just flipping to the halfway point in the book and starting there, at least at that point they get moderately interesting.

To top this all off, Zoey, the main character is also successfully driving me nuts. I just passed a point where she was whining (again) that her life sucked and she was so stressed. This was brought on by the fact that she has 3 (yes 3!) boyfriends that she can't seem to keep her hands off of. Now granted, I realize that these books are written for an audience of people that basically have the mental capacity of a 12 year old, but really, 3 boyfriends is the reason for a mental breakdown, give me a break (is this really the best message for a 12 year old anyway). P.C and Kristin Cast should introduce REAL stress into the characters lives, like bills, and work, and future plans and real life in general. But no, they choose to give us characters that live cushy, pleasant lives, in a pretty school, who are well fed, and spend their days making out with not one - but 3 - "hot" guys and determine that this makes their lives suck.

I am going to finish this book, because I don't believe in giving up. But I also don't believe in not finishing a series of books, but yet I'm not seeing book four in my near future.

P.S - If anyone really likes these books, I apologize. I'm not having a good day (could you tell??) and this book is really, seriously irritating me.


Pinkbilly said...

This had me laughing from start to finish! I love you :)
You are 100% right about all of it. The books are usually 250pgs long and they really don't pick up until about pg 175, kind of like a soccer game :P

If you make it any further, two more guys get thrown into the picture! But honestly, I just want you to read them to critique them :)

Anonymous said...

Ok sooo I love this series, but I feel the same way. She over-explains things, and I guess it might be also because the books are releazed over varying periods of time, so the reader may forget key points. Burned, the latest book in the series, comes out on Tuesday and I vaguely remembered what happened in the last one.

Just keep with the series, as different things do unfold. Hopefully you'll start to like the newer aspects.