April 13, 2010


As I mentioned here, last Friday a very good friend of ours (as well as the talented photographer that did our engagement pictures) wanted us to travel to her school so she could take studio style portraits of us for her final assignment. Being that we were SO pleased with our engagement shoot, and we are willing to do anything to help out said friend (and I'm not going to lie, more free pictures were involved....I like pictures...I can't help it) we readily agreed.

...and I'm not impressed.

It's in no way T's fault. I knew as soon as she said "studio shoot on a white background" that we were going to have issues. I am the palest, whitest girl that you will possibly ever meet, so me on a white background just has horrible written all over it. Despite this, I decided to still go for it, frantically called the bestest and stole two of her gray sweaters, so that I could still dress semi nice without wearing black or white. It didn't help.

To top all of this off, looking at the teasers that she has posted on faceboook, I look huge. Like a good 10 -15 pounds bigger than I thought I looked. This has set off an official "Leanne is now going to go obsessively crazy about her weight fad." C, being the sweetheart that he is, is trying to convince me that the camera lens makes me look wider, and that it also adds 10 pounds. I'm not buying it. He doesn't look 10 pounds heavier in any of his pictures. Still, he's cute for trying.

Either way I'm looking at all of this as a positive. I hate to exercise. I find it painful and tedious and a whole long list of non fun points. On the other hand, I am also diabetic, and exercise is a very important part of staying healthy for everyone, but especially for me. So if these pictures can motivate me to eat better, and exercise regularly that I'm looking at it as a good thing. I have been doing well (it's only the third day, but that is completely besides the point. I'm also using this post as further motivation. I feel if I am telling a whole bunch of people that I'm committing to a healthier lifestyle then I have to go through with it.

Wish me luck

Oh, and I'm not posting any of the above mentioned pictures. I think enough of the facebook world has already seen them. Maybe I will use them as a before and after thing if I actually manage to loss some weight.

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Chocolate Lover said...

Thats a great approach to this! I hated going to the gym too but bought the book Buff Brides and that has kept me in a routine that I am actually enjoying! Good luck!