June 17, 2010


Hello All!

As you can clearly see, I have changed my blog. Now that blogger has made this so simple, I will have to be honest and say that this will probably happen more often than not. I get bored easy. This does not bode well for C when we buy a house. I'm the type of girl that will want to rearrange all the furniture monthly. And paint yearly.....

....but anyways....

I have been meaning to blog for a couple of days now, but I kept forgetting my cord to upload photo's at home. Meaning that I couldn't show you all this:

This is a peanut butter pie, a recipe I got from Fashion Meets Food. If you guys are looking for recipes, you should seriously check her out. She posts food ideas daily, with great stuff, such as this one.

So my reason for making this was that my sister was hosting a partylite party on Sunday (a party in which a bunch of women get together and but candles, for those of you who don't know) and I thought this would be the perfect occasion to try this recipe out. This way I could try it, and C and I wouldn't be forces to eat the whole thing. So I headed out Saturday night after work and gathered all of the ingredients. Let me tell you (this is coming from a non cook) how super easy this recipe actually is. There is literally no bake time, just mixing the ingredients and refrigerating. That is definitely my kind of recipe. And overall I think it turned out really well. I had to replace one of the ingredients because apparently in Canada it is next to impossible to find hot fudge topping. So after discussing it with C and my brothers girlfriend, we decided to melt semi-sweet chocolate squares and use that. It worked well, but I do want to eventually try it the way it is supposed to be done. Either way, the pie seemed to be a party hit, and I'm pretty proud of myself.

Moving on to So You Think You Can Dance. I am obsessed with this show. I have watched every season, and I'm pretty obsessive about it. Last night was the first performance show, and I was really impressed. They are doing it differently this year, as they brought back "All-Stars" from previous seasons, and this is who the contestants will dance with every week. I was unsure about this idea at the beginning, but after last night, I have decided I really like it.

So I figured this week I would show you who I think the front runners are. This will probably become a weekly thing, like I said, I'm obsessed. So after week one my favourites are:


His dance to footloose with Lauren was amazing.

Adechike: For some reason Google is not giving me a picture, but he danced with Katherine in a red dress. The judges trashed it but I thought it was really good. He struggled in Hollywood week, but I think last night he showed he deserved to be there.

Lauren: Again, can't find a picture. She danced with Ade. She has been my favourite since she auditioned. She is SO talented. Again, the judges weren't overly impressed last night, but I think that is because they know what she is capable of.

And last but not least Kent: He is probably not even close to one of the best dancers there, but he is so cute that I can't help but love him.

And some of my favourite All Stars are:



So you watch SYTYCD? Who are your favourites??
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Jennifer said...

I have yet to watch last nights episode on DVR. I will do that today when I get home from work. My faves are Mark, Pasha, Anya. Travis too but he is just a choreographer.

Ella Everywhere said...

oooh I'm watching it too

and I agree with pretty much all your favourites, I totally love Kent and thought he did very well. I was concerned when he first started because I didn't see him as a ballroom type, but he really pulled it together

Bree said...

First off, I love that show! and I think Kent is just too cute! also, boy oh boy does that cake look/sound good mmm