June 23, 2010

I Just Finished Reading.

Hello All

I did have a weekend post all planned out in my head, and now I don't remember it (I really should start writing these things down). I literally cannot think of one thing that I wanted to say other than the fact that I am COVERED in mosquito bites from a late night soccer game, in which I decided to wear a jean skirt and wedges to.

So instead, I am going to do a review of sorts on Emily Giffin's "Love the One Your With".

I was REALLY excited to read this book. I've seen many people read Giffin's book both through blogger and good reads, and had not heard a bad thing about them. This book has left me a little conflicted. I wouldn't say I hated it, but I also wouldn't say I liked it.

The book was interesting. It held my attention, and I wasn't dying to just finish it and move on, which is always a good sign. On the other hand the narrator, Ellen, really bothered me. I found her whiny, selfish and really the cause of all of her problems. Due to this, I found I couldn't relate to her or the plot overall.

I think there were a few reasons for this. The first being that I could not relate to the story at all. In the book Ellen runs into an old flame, which leaves her all conflicted and confused with her current relationship with her husband. This got me thinking about my old flames, and I really don't have one that would effect me in that Way. I have been dating C since I was 16, so I suppose he would have been that guy had we ever broken up. So, because of this I found her extremely selfish and really annoying for actually considering (and almost acting) destroying a relationship with a next to perfect man (in my eyes) for someone that didn't treat her all that great. This feeling also became more intense when she began to whine, in what seemed like every chapter, about the intense guilt that she felt about her own actions.

Reading "Love the One Your With" has left me in a little predicament. As I said, I have heard amazing things about Giffin's novels, but this one left me a little disappointed. So my question for those of you that do read Giffin's work: Is this a constant theme in all of her novels? Should I try another one? and if so....which one?!?

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Ella Everywhere said...

Is this the first Giffin book you've read?

I had mixed feelings about this one, especially because it was actually given to me BY an old flame

But go read "Something borrowed" and then borrow my "Something blue" if you want - these are MUCH better!