July 8, 2010

I'm Currently Addicted to...

Toddlers and Tiara's

Although the thought of spray tanning a 3 year old is extremely disturbing....


And So You Think You Can Dance? Awesome.

I didn't blog about it last week but Alex's hip hop with Twitch was AMAZING. I was expecting a train wreck, but it was SO good. Favourite number of the season so far, hands down. I'm very upset that he is injured after that, and I'm hoping that he makes a quick recovery and is back next week.

Last nights episode was also really good. I'm at the point where I'm having trouble picking a favourite because they are all so good.

My favourite number last night was Lauren and Kent's contemporary. But they have been my favourites from the beginning, so seeing them dance in their style, together, was heaven for me.

I'm having a bit of bloggy writers block lately. I just don't feel motivated to post anything. I have wedding updates for you (very frustrating circumstances!) and of course we've been to see some movies that I could review, as well as some books that I've finished reading. But I just can't seem to force myself to do it. Maybe it's this heat wave that's making me so lazy!

Anyways, this was just a quick post to let you all know that I'm still alive, and that I do still sporadically blog. As well as to keep you all updated on how I keep my life exciting (Toddlers and Tiara's and SYTYCD......Awesome!)
Hopefully I will have you all fully updated by the end of next week

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