July 27, 2010

Shoe Dilemma and Weekend Recaps

Hello All!

This weekend was SM's wedding (picture's are coming). I had stressed for weeks about what shoe's I was going to wear with my dress. I finally decided on borrowing these cuties from my mom

They were perfect. They looked amazing with the dress, were just the right height and I was super excited to put the whole outfit together. Then 5 days before the wedding, this happened:

Not good. So now I was back to panicking about what shoes to wear. C tried to save the day by cutting the back strap of both shoes. It actually worked and the shoes were still super cute, but they were also not quite as comfortable. Without the ankle strap they felt a little to high, I was a bit wobbly and the heel kept slipping. So instead I borrowed different black shoes from my sister, which worked, but were definitely not as cute. (I forgot to take a picture....sorry....I'll try to remember to update one when I get home.)

Now that I have updated you on the shoe stress leading up to the wedding, we can get to wedding updates.

The beautiful bride

C and I

Side Note: I am SO SO happy that I decided not to listen to V and my sister, because I absolutely LOVED this dress. It was comfortable and pretty, and I am already looking for an excuse to wear it again.

The fiance caught the garter.

C and I with our good friends V and S, who also recently got married.

The wedding was AMAZING. We had so much fun dancing with good friends, and catching up with some old ones. There was only one slight thing that put a damper on the whole night. One of the groomsmen for my wedding, WA, was invited to SM's wedding, and had responded that he was attending with his girlfriend. Well he not only didn't show, he also didn't call to let anyone know what was going on. Personally, I'm not surprised. WA is not that most reliable person in the world. He's pretty much only concerned with himself, and doesn't really think about the effects that his actions have on those around him. Despite this, I'm still furious. Too me this is probably the rudest thing that a person can do. The bride and groom are paying for you to attend their wedding, and as far as I'm concerned if you have no intention of attending then you should simply respond with a no, so they can make room for other people who probably want to attend. Needless to say, C and I are seriously reconsidering the presence of WA in our wedding party. I can't trust him, and I do not feel like stressing about whether or not he's going to decide to grace us with his presence on our wedding day.

Sunday was spent recovering from the wedding. I'm not going to lie, I had a bit too much wine the night before so I was a little cranky. I finally dragged my but out of bed around 6 to shower, get dressed and meet these people for a pick up soccer game and then dinner.

Yesterday I received an invitation for D & C's wedding in October. We all know how much I love weddings, so I am very excited. Now I need to decide whether or not I'm going to buy another dress....

Overall it was a great weekend, spent with Awesome friends. I can't wait to do it again!

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browneyedgirl said...

That was quite the weekend!

I can't believe that someone (in this case, WA) would just not show up to a wedding when they said they would be there. It's such a lack of respect for the couple who are getting married.

I wish I hadn't had to work on Sunday, dinner would have been nice :)