February 28, 2012

Wedding Wednesday: The Master List!

I can't believe that tomorrow will be March 1st! This month flew, and it's already time to see how I did on the February to do list!

* LIMO, LIMO, LIMO: Yes! I FINALLY did this one! I'm so excited that this is not going to sit on my to-do list for the third month in a row. We finally decided on the limo bus route and booked with Privately Yours limousine. We got an awesome deal as well, due to a cancellation, which worked perfectly for us.

*Bridal Party Gifts: This month I'm counting this one. They have been officially started, with strong plans to finish them shortly

*Flower Girl Dresses: This was SO fun. My sister and I spent the better part of a Saturday dragging the girls around looking for the perfect (and perfectly priced) dresses. We finally found them in some small, hole in the wall mall, a place my mother had been telling us to go for months. They are perfect, the girls love them and most importantly they were only $50.00 a dress!

* Go for my first dress fitting: I did do this. Unfortunately I did it right in the middle of last week, or otherwise known as the week from hell. I don't want to talk about it.

* Find a Card Box: We find the first failure! In my defense the bestest and I did go looking.... Maybe I will just rent one.

* Find perfect hair pieces for MOH and Flower Girls: This is one of those on the fence ones. I have found the MOH's. I simply need to buy it. I'm in the process of finding something for the girls.

* Find cake serving set: Right. I still need to do that

* Get Favours filled and wrapped: HA! How about we make picking them up a priority for March and filling them an April task??

* Set appointment with Venue to set the meals: We went two weeks ago. It was a crappy, snowy day which didn't exactly make my beautiful venue all the pretty. In any case we now have a menu set in stone.

* Find a Cake Topper: I'm counting this one. I did FIND a cake topper. The problem came about with the price, so the purchasing has yet to happen. I'm working on the boy.

* Find a rehearsal dinner dress: .....again....I did find one. I also went as far as to buy it but I also totally plan on wearing it to my surprise bridal shower (yes you read that right. The bridal shower is a surprise. I plan on cracking the mystery and wearing the dress). So if I manage to pull that off then the dress becomes my bridal shower dress. If not, I have found a purchased the perfect rehearsal dinner dress.

* Frame my engagement photo: Yeah not even close. It's still leaning against my wall in plastic wrap.

* Find Flower Girl Baskets: Nope. But maybe now that I have dresses....

* Meet with the Minister: Yes! We will be married by Debbie, our churches only female minister. I really liked her. She was easy going and seemed to set the atmosphere that Chris and I were looking to have on that day. I'm looking forward to working with her.

* Decide what to give Chris: Nothing has changed here. I'm still at a total loss, and he is absolutely no help.

* Mail Invitations: They went out last week and I got my very first response back yesterday. Very exciting

* Write Speeches: Maybe I will give this job to Chris

* Work on Slideshow: It's not finished but all the photo's have been scanned and it has a beginning.

As we get closer and closer to the big day, I'm having a harder time finding things to do, so March's list is shorter

* Get marriage License: We could officially do this on Saturday. I want to get this done ASAP so it's one less thing to worry about in the weeks before the wedding

* Set Ceremony: I need to pick all of the music and decide on some other small aspects so that everyone knows exactly what is happening

* Find clips for my hair: I finally picked a hair style. One that comes with pretty little pins. Pretty little pins that are IMPOSSIBLE to find.

* Meet with the DJ: We have an amazing DJ that I pretty much fell in love with instantly. We booked him with just a random package just so I could make sure I had him. So we need to meet with him to iron out some last minute details

* Find and Print Favour tags: Should get this done before all the wrapping starts

* Start Seating Chart: I have heard this is not fun. I want to get a jump start on it as responses are coming in.

* Book hotel suite: We have a block of rooms reserved but I want to book our suite within the next couple of days just to be absolutely sure.

* Get on Honeymoon Planning: We have a location and a way there. That's about it.

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