February 2, 2012

10 Day Challange - Day 7 - Wants

It's amazing how hard it is to think of things that you want when your put on the spot.

1) A house: I would love to buy a house. Maybe this one:

or something similar. Not like I'm dreaming big or anything.

2) A Car: I am 26 years old and have NEVER owned my own car. Granted, I currently work from home and really have no use for one, but I still want it.

3) Babies! - I can't wait to start a family. Obviously now is NOT the time, but when the time comes, I'm ready.

4) A million Dollars?? This way I could buy the house, car and have the babies. I would share. I promise.

5) Security: This is probably a bit more realistic. I want Chris and I to be secure enough to do all of these things

6) A Job: I love the job that I have currently, but it's not what I went through 4 years of University for. I'd like a job that pays something close to justify the ridiculous amount of student loans I'm now responsible to pay back

7) A Vacation: I don't even have to go anywhere. I just need a couple of days (or maybe a week) to lie in bed and do nothing.

Happy Thursday Everyone!!


Nicole said...

I would like that house too :) I would also like a job that warrants my college education!

Recently Roached said...

I would a million dollars in all seven spots :)

And girl, you need to get yourself a car! :)