February 6, 2012

10 Day Challenge - Day 5 - Foods

So here we are at Monday again.

This weekend was kinda crappy. I started feeling sick Friday night but was denying it, so I got up Saturday and proceeded to spend a full day running wedding errands. By Saturday night it was official, I have managed to pick up some random head cold. So I'm suffering just a bit, and living on Advil Cold and Sinus.

Sunday, while suffering, we watched the superbowl. I made Chili Friday night so it would be ready and because I was sick I talked the boy into buying cupcakes and cookies for dessert.

Chris is a HUGE New England Patriots fan (I mean we named the dog Brady....enough said?) so it didn't end exactly as planned, and we are currently taking a beating from all of our New York Giants friends (you should change his name to Eli or Manning.....we get it people) but that's ok. There's always next year!

So it's Day 5 of the 10 day challenge and the topic is food. I think this is kinda perfect for the day after the superbowl

1) Cookies: I love cookies. Any kind. They are my weakness. I could be complaining about my weight, or swearing I'm on a diet and not cut out the cookies.

2) Cheeseburgers: This is the junk food of choice. If I'm going to be bad and eat out it has to be somewhere with a good cheeseburger (Lick's and Harvey's come to mind)

3) Pizza: Another weakness. This is our lazy day food. When we don't feel like cooking or are getting home really late we order pizza.

4) Fruit: I know this is kinda a food group but it still counts. I also think it's good that I include something healthy on my list so you don't think I eat like a pig all of the time. I LOVE fruit. Pretty much any fruit. Give me a bowl of strawberries or an apple instead of chips and I'm perfectly happy.

5) Pasta: I eat a lot of pasta. Probably too much. If we are going out to eat I will most likely order some kind of pasta dish and if we are eating at home I will vote for spaghetti or Mac and Cheese.

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