March 10, 2010

Top Two!

Hello bloggers!

We officially visited the last venue that we planned to see today and I am happy to announce that this is 100% NOT the venue. This is a good thing because I already feel SO overwhelmed with choices that I really couldn't afford to fall head over heels in love with yet another place.

The one that we saw today really just had too much going against it. A BIG thing for my venue is the grounds outside of it, and was nice, but definitely not even close to some of the other places that we have seen. They also tried to include everything in their package. This meant that they wanted me to get my cake, invitations, DJ and centerpieces through them, and if I didn't I was not saving any money. The same rule applied for the ceremony, we had to pay for it regardless of whether we were getting married there or not (C has a church that his family has been attending for years, so it is pretty important to them that we are married there). Anyways, all in all I was not impressed.

Which mean that I am finally down to the top two!

....and hopelessly stuck.....

I have heard listing pros and cons is helpful, so I though there is no better spot than here.

The first choice is Woodington Lakes.

I have to admit that this venue is my favourite. The grounds are gorgeous, they only host one wedding per night, the co-coordinator was amazing.....I could probably go on forever. This was the first venue I saw, and it was several months ago, so I could be blowing it out of proportion but I don't think so. The only Con that I can think of currently is that it is quite far away (about an hour from the church) and there are little to no hotel accommodations around it, meaning that my out of town guests would have no where to go.

The second venue is Oakview Terrace, which I blogged about here, and it is C's favourite.

The pros for this are a lot like the one above. The coordinator is amazing, the grounds are beautiful and they also do one wedding per night. To go along with this, they are much closer to our church (30 minutes) and their are at least two hotels very close to it, who provide shuttles.

The problems I have this place are small, and I'm hoping can be worked out with my coordinator. For example, I'm not happy with the placement of the DJ (On a small table right beside the head table), She mentioned leaving my cake on a table in the lobby and not in the hall, and there is a staircase to the bridal suite at the back of the room that bothers me (I'm picky!)

So I have listed my pros and cons and I still feel no closer to a decision. Any help, suggestions, tips would be GREATLY appreciated!

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canuckitude said...

City hall and a BBQ are sounding good right about now! :) j/k

I'm sure one of them will "POP" at you in the coming weeks.