March 17, 2010


First of all....Happy St Patrick's Day everyone!!

I wanted to blog today because the fiance and I went to see Alice and Wonderland last night. I have to admit I was pretty concerned just because we all know just how addicted I am to Disney, and I'm not normally very fond of change (why mess with a good thing?) I was also told that people either loved this movie or hated it, the pessimist side of me was convinced that I was going to be on the hate side.

I actually surprised myself because I really liked it. Tim Burton directed this film, so as you can imagine it's not your typical cookie cutter Disney film, but it was definitely an interesting take on it. In this version, Alice is older and she is returning to Wonderland for a second time, but doesn't remember anything from her first experience.

It was interesting, with lots going on, and they also went out of their way to tie in several aspects from the original film (making this avid Disney watcher very pleased).

Also the cast was amazing. I'm not going to go through them all, but I am going to say that casting Johnny Depp (*sigh*) as the Mad Hatter was one of the best decisions that the producers mad. His quirkiness and slight level of insanity make him perfect for this role, my favourite part of the whole film was probably watching him (but I'm not going to favourite part of most Johnny Depp film is watching him).

So my recommendation is for people to go and see this film....and see it in 3D! The movie was filmed with the intention of it being shown is 3D, so as far as I'm concerned your not getting the full effect unless you watch it in the proper format.

I can't say it was as good as Avater (when considering the 3D) BUT it is still worth it.

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