March 25, 2010

A busy couple of weeks

Hello All!

This post is about last weekend, and it's almost this weekend. I really meant to post all of this earlier, but what can I say. I'm about to enter my last week of school and life has gotten unnaturally crazy.

Last weekend was CRAZY. It started Friday with C and I going over to the bestest's house to help her set up for a St Patty's Day party on Saturday (I should say I helped. C sat in the basement with another male friend and watched March Madness). This was pretty fun, it was me, the bestest and J another good friend from high school. It's always fun to get together with the girls and talk like nothing has changed.

So we ended up making green cupcakes:

Here they are all decorated

and of course it isn't a party without jello shooters, so we made those as well

And of course there needs to be decorations

These were all put up somewhere around the basement, which added to the overall environment.

So that takes care of Friday, which brings me to Saturday, the day off the party.
The party was fun, everyone had to wear green (of course) and everyone did. I have many pictures from that night, but I won't embarrass my friends with showing drunken pictures of them to the internet world. I will show you a horrible picture of C and I (please don't judge me. This was later in the night, and after quite a few, my hair is a mess, and I look horrible....This is not my normal appearance.)

And out bright idea to play with a pinata inside the house. *NOTE* I don't recommend this, it makes a HUGE mess. If it's too cold to do a pinata outside, I suggest not doing it.

And Sunday was V's bridal shower (Again, this one wasn't totally thought through. Bridal showers after party nights aren't always fun).

The bridal shower was interesting. Even though I'm in the wedding party, I really had nothing to do with it. Her family decided that they wanted to throw it, so they did. The shower was pretty standard with games, cake and gifts. We played the game with the pins and you can't say the word wedding (I am terrible at this game. How are you not supposed to say wedding at a bridal shower? It's impossible.) We played a memory game where a basket full a kitchen items was placed in the middle of the room and we had 60 seconds to look at them and then had to rite them all down from memory (I also pretty much failed at this one, I cheated of the bestest and still didn't win....epic fail). The final game was a quiz about the bride. I did decent on this one 8 out of 10 (one of the questions I'm calling foul on. How many facebook friends does she have? How am I supposed to know?) Overall, game wise, I'm not impressed.....I don't like to lose

Finally this brings me to Tuesday (not a part of the weekend, but I'm including it here anyway.)

For Christmas C got me tickets for Carrie Underwood, and the show was on Tuesday. She puts on an amazing performance and I recommend seeing her if you have the chance. I watched her all throughout American Idol, and I actually think she is the only one that won that I actually wanted to (Wait, I wanted Chris to win last year....Adam was overrated.) Anyways, I saw some pretty original things. Such as this:

This car ran on a track around the whole stadium, making even the worst seats worth it.

Her opening acts were also phenomenal. She had two, the first was Sons of Sylvia, who also does a duet with her on her most recent album ("What Can I Say"...really good song). I first I was confused, as Carrie Underwood appeals to a largely country crowd, and Sons of Sylvia were not country at all (I'm gonna say more rockish) but by the end, it didn't matter. They were amazingly talented, interacted with the crowd and put on a great show. One of the best opening acts I have seen ever.

The second opening act was Craig Morgan, who I also really enjoyed. I knew some of his songs (which always makes it better) and he was very personable, even getting right on the floor, into the crowd at one point.

So that has been my week (besides endless essay's and studying for the week of exam hell that will be next week.)

This weekend brings yet another trip to one of my top to venues. Hopefully this will help me make my mind up. Wish me luck!

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