March 5, 2010

Shutter Island

I have been meaning to blog about this for about a while now

I bought the book "Shutter Island" about a month ago because I knew C was going to force me to see the movie and I'm not a big fan of watching movies based on books without reading it first. I have to admit, I'm glad I felt forced to buy the book because I actually really liked it. The author is Dennis Lehane, who has written several other books turned into film such as Mystic River and Gone Baby Gone.

"Shutter Island" was very interesting, I read it very quickly and it ended with an amazing twist that I completely did not see coming (I'm not going to give it away....I think I have mentioned in previous posts how much I hate spoilers). I definitely recommend this novel.

This is where the story gets entertaining. C and I were not meant to see this movie.

The original date that we had tickets was the Thursday before its release. C works for a movie distribution company, and we typically get offered little perks, such as free movie passes to advanced screenings like this one. The movie theater was downtown (about an hour drive) at 7, and we both worked until 5. We actually did make it on time, but unfortunately the parking lot that we typically park at was full, so we had to find another one. Amazingly we actually managed to do this, with time to spare, all we had to do now was walk 4 blocks to the theater and we were good.
.......doesn't C walk me four blocks in the WRONG direction. He does, and only realizes it at the end of the four blocks. At this point it is seven, and C is actually considering makingme walk the four blocks back to the car, and then the extra four blocks to the theater. For those of you that don't know me, Leanne is not a big fan of walking, and I flat out refused to do this, the movie wasn't that important. Instead we happened to end up right beside my all time favourite restaurant (Spaghetti Factory) and C decided to splurge for dinner. I can't say I was disappointed.

But C did really want to see this movie, so we decided on our anniversary that this is what we would do. This time the theater was closer, and started at 10. We left about 9:30, drove all the way to the theater only to find a friendly sign posted at the door stating that the movie had been scratched, and we could still see it but would be forced to watch it with a green line running through it. Again, I was being difficult, and refused to pay for a movie that was not perfect. So we left again...

At this point C was desperate, so he looked on his blackberry to see when it was playing at AMC and as luck would have it, it was playing at 11. Off we go.....again....this time we got in!

We line up to get popcorn, and for any of you that have been to AMC, they have this new combo deal where you can choose three items off of their menu for $7.50. We don't go to AMC very often, but we figured this was a good deal. We could get our popcorn and both drinks for $7:50.

Now as a side, C LOVES his popcorn. There have been several times that we have gone to a movie and tried not to buy popcorn, he normally doesn't make it past the previews before he caves. This is the picture of the popcorn that AMC offered.

This popcorn bucket was TINY, and the drinks were probably half the size of that. I think we finished it within five minutes.

SO our master plan to save money was foiled as C was out buying a proper combo before the previews started.

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browneyedgirl said...

That's quite a lot to go through for just one movie..I guess the third time's the charm!

As for the popcorn..I have no words, lol