March 24, 2010

16 year old me

One of my bloggy friends, Ella, took this from one of her bloggy friends and I think its a great idea. I was originally unsure if I was going to do it, but after thinking about it I realized that I had basically written the entire post in my head, so I may as well share it with all of you. I'm supposed to put a picture of me when I'm 16, but I don't have pictures that old (UGH!) on my computer. So I would need to find, and scan one.....WAY too much effort for me right now. Maybe I'll post one in a separate post when I gain more energy.

Dear 16 year old Leanne:

You will be amazed and shocked when you get to my place in life and see all that has happened and the person that you have become. There is so much that I wish I could tell you, but yet the journey to my current place was all based on experiences, something that I would not want to deny you, no matter how much it would change.

My first piece of advice would be to follow you intuition. Your a smart girl, and you know what you want, it doesn't help to question yourself all of the time.

This also applies to him. I know you think you can be with him and I know that you think you can change him, but trust me you won't. In the next couple of months he will betray you more than you ever thought possibe, but its not like that hasn't happened before. You know he isn't right for you, and you know that you can't force someone to want you who doesn't, all in all he is simply not worth the pain that he is causing you.

On the plus side, also in the next couple of months, someone new will enter your life. This man will be the complete opposite of him, and *spoiler alert* he is the one. This man will treat with more attentiveness and love that you have ever known. He is patient, kind and will know exactly how to make you laugh at any given moment. You will also have struggles in this relationship, but you need to learn and understand that all relationships go through these, the difference is doing it with someone who is willing to push through it with you. This man will teach you the value of forgiveness and the benefits of love. Learn to trust him. He loves you, and you don't need constant reassurance to know that. He will become your rock, and will support you through the deaths of three close family members, times in your life that you were questionable about how to go on.

The friends that you have now are your friends for life. I know many people have told you that you will go on to college and university and meet new people and forget about old ones. This isn't the way for you. You are overwhelmingly loyal and you will not abandon the people that you have grown to love, and I am happy to tell you that they will not abandon you either. The same rule applies here. Learn to trust these people, they won't judge you, and they will always support you. All three of them will be bridesmaids in your wedding, and you couldn't be happier.

On the same note, at the moment you are drifting apart from some old friends and this is hurting you. This won't change. You will lose touch with these people for many years, but its ok. It has nothing to do with you or even them. People travel down different paths and sometimes relationships just don't work out. You are no worse for it and neither are they.

Stay away from accounting, it wasn't a good idea.

Also stay away from tequilla, you can't handle it and you may as well know that now.

Don't worry so much about the future. Being diabetic won't hold you back. You are happy and normal, and your going to be fine. Don't question what you are good at because you worry you will be bored. Nothing in life is boring, and everything at some point will pose a challange.

You are currently a year away from graduating and two years away from walking down the aisle with the man you love more than life. You have two beautiful nieces, a supportive family and the best friends (both new and old) that you could ever wish for.

Finally, take chances! You only live once and the cautious, questionable life that you lead is not the way to go. It's ok to make mistakes, you learn from them and you become a better person. At the same time, trust your instincts, you know right from wrong.

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Ella Everywhere said...

I totally love this! Very inspiring as well

I love the part about the tequila, if only we'd all learn that lesson earlier LOL