September 28, 2011

Wedding Wednesday: Engagement Pictures

After some very unnecessary photographer drama, we finally got our engagement pictures done.

Oh wait...I didn't tell you about the photographer drama...(trust me. If I told you all of the drama that has been surrounding this wedding lately you would be shocked!)

If you remember, booking my photographer was a bit of a difficult decision. It was probably the most important one I had to make, other than picking my venue. I'm going to have these pictures forever, and I want them to be something I am proud to display. This being said, I also didn't want to sell my future first born in order to pay for them.

After searching, we found Piper Studios. We met with them, looked over some proofs, got some questions answered and booked. I still had some concerns, namely that Piper is a studio and they employ many photographers, and the person that we booked with wasn't one of them. I was reassured before we booked that I could get the same photographer for our engagement shoot and wedding day, and if I had any concerns at all a new photographer would be assigned.

I wanted my engagement pictures done in August, and a photographer from Piper contacted us at the beginning of the month to make arrangements. Due to scheduling conflicts we couldn't arrange to meet in August, but we did set a meeting on September 25th. All was good. Until he e-mailed me at the beginning of September saying something came up, he had to cancel and we could reschedule for the last weekend in October.

Um No. Don't get me wrong, I understand that things happen. I am the queen of things happening. But my pictures were already booked for a month later than I originally wanted, and he wanted to push it back another full month. That would put me in a whole different season.

After a few e-mails to the lady I booked with, Piper proved that I made the right choice booking with them by promptly finding me a new photographer that could do my engagement shoot on the original booked day, as well as our wedding day.

So on September 25th we ventured out and met with Paul, who was awesome. He made us feel so relaxed, and he knew exactly what I was looking for.

We started at Graffiti Alley downtown, to get some contemporary, different poses that was what I was looking for in my pictures.

We then moved to a beach/park area to take what Paul referred to as the "mom pictures"

Although the drama was a bit more than I needed, Paul was amazing and I absolutely love my pictures.


Lindsay said...

Beautiful pictures! That is soo funny I'm talking about my photographer on my wedding Wednesday today too! Must be something about today...ha ha! I'm glad that you are happy with your choice of phototgrapher. I am totally with you about pictures because one of the MOST important parts of a wedding! You're gonna have those pictures for a long time and want them to be perfect! xo

Nicole said...

Oh wow, that would be discouraging! Well looks like the photog you got though did an awesome job. Wow graffiti alley, how cool is that place!