September 22, 2011

Thought on Thursday

I feel the bunch of little, insignificant thoughts that are floating around in my head warrants a thoughtless post.

1) I'm so happy that it's Thursday because that means that tomorrow is Friday which means that we are that much closer to the weekend.

2) This weekend is so busy because on Sunday we have our Engagement pictures! Meaning that my Saturday will be spent running around making sure I'm ready

I finished The Hunger Games at lunch today. I liked it. I thought it was an interesting idea. Kind of a cross between futuristic reality T.V and the Olympics. This being said, from all of the reviews I have been reading in the past weeks one would think this book was life changing. I'm not there. It was good, but it's not the best book I have ever read.

I'm officially suffering from wedding stress. I'm so done thinking about colours, flowers, dresses and suits. I JUST WANT TO GET MARRIED! We have about 7 months left, and even that is too long. Let's just do this! Any other brides reach this point???

5) Thinking about where we are going to live is not helping the stress at all.

I wish money grew on trees.

7) Job searching sucks.

8) I am WAY behind on my New York updates. It's not like I have been home for over a month or anything. My pictures are not on my work computer, and after 8 hours I don't really feel like turning on my other one. I'll try harder.

9) I also want to take pictures and show you the adorable scarf that my brothers girlfriend knitted me and I LOVE. So many goals!

10) I have fully embraced fall. I'm liking my sweaters, and Uggs. And to be honest, my fall scented candles, as well as the amazing amount of T.V is not hurting.

11) It has taken me a little over 3 hours to write this post as I keep stopping to do real work.

That's all of my thoughts for today. Happy Thursday!

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