September 29, 2011

My Dream ______

One of my favourite bloggers posted this and I thought it would be fun to play along.

My Dream......BODY

I'm not totally dissatisfied with the body that I have, although I am a bit "curvier" than I would like. Of course I wouldn't mind looking like this:

But I don't see it happening anytime soon.

My Dream..... VACATION

This one is easy. I have a top three, but first on that list would 100% be Venice, Italy

Ever since I was little I have wanted to go here. It's just so beautiful and romantic, and falls in with my little girl fantasy's of princesses and prince charming. Second and third on my list would be Pearl Harbor, Hawaii and Ireland.

My Dream...DRINK

Not sure I fully understand this question, so I'm going to go with my favourite one. Again it's a toss up between

Malibu and Diet 7up (or sprite) or

Cherry Whiskey and Diet Coke

My Dream House

Put it out in the country, slap a white picket fence around it and add an additional balcony from the master bedroom and it would be perfect.

My Dream.....JOB

This one changes.....a lot...

When I started school I wanted to be a editor. When I graduated, I wanted to get more on the side of distribution.

If we are being realistic, I think I would love to stay at home with my future children.

My Dream....CAR

I've never been the kind of girl that dreams about a car. I don't own one, and never have, but I have been looking around lately as I'm going to eventually need it to get from point A to point B. This is probably the one thing in my life I'd like to be practical about. I want it to be good on gas, not too pricey and dependable. Lately I have had my eye on this

The Honda Fit. I think they are absolutely adorable, while also fitting in my price range. This being said, I am extremely picky about how my cars drive, so it would all depend on how the test drive goes.

My Dream.... MAN

Was there ever any doubt? I mean I have loved him since I was about 14.

But of course we can't forget this guy

Cue rolling eyes....but we can never forget him :)

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Sara said...

such a fun post!! we have a lot of the same "dreams"- that house is amazing!!