August 2, 2011

Wedding Wednesday: Back From Vacation!

Lets start this post by sharing that I am writing it from my new tablet, which I am absolutely in love with. It is the most convenient, cute little machine that literally travels with me everywhere. Chris has me fully set up with games, so it can pretty much occupy me anywhere. Who knew that making a computer tiny would make me more willing to use it, even after staring at a screen all day.

In other news, to say that I have been on a bit of a wedding hiatus is probably the biggest understatement of the year.

There has been a lot happening on this front, some of which I'm not going to talk about due to the unsurity of it all, some of which I will be covering in later posts, which explains a good portion of my extreme laziness. The other portion can probably be blamed on the fact that I have pretty much everything that I need to actually get married checked off the list (dress, rings, chrurch, venue, photgrapher, DJ, Groom). All that was left was minor details, most of which I was beginning to waver on the actual importance of. I think I needed to take a step back, enjoy my vacation and not let the wedding consume my entire life, especially when there are so many other BIG things happening at the same time.

This being said, there are only 297 days (seriously just gave myself a heart attack. It's under 300 days! When did that happen?!?!) until the big day, so after my mini vacation there was definitely some work to be done.

Within the last week we have done so much, including setting up an appointment with a florist to take place the week I get back from another vacation (more on this later) in just over a week. I don't know if I have mentioned this before but I used to work for a florist, so flowers are something I actually know a bit about (finally, some part of this wedding that will cause no stress because I know exactly what I want!)

Obviously I need to narrow down specific colours when I meet with my potential florist, but I know my wedding will be full of these:

Gerber Daisy's are my absolute favourite flower, so I obviously want them everywhere. So far I have managed to incorporate them into the potential centerpieces, invitations, cake and bouquets. I'm thinking the girls will have something similar to this:

LOVE how it is completely Gerber's with lots of fillers so that it looks bigger. My Groomsmen will more than likely be rocking something similar to this:

As for my bouquet, I want something bigger, with more variety. I'm obviously putting Gerber's in there somewhere (what's the fun in filling the wedding with my favourite flower, if I don't get to carry any?) but the look I'm going for is more something like this:

It's nice to be completely positive about the things I'm looking for!

There have been other wedding developments recently, which I was planning to share in this post, but apparently I'm capable about rambling for much to long about flowers, so I'll save it for another Wedding Wednesday!

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