August 26, 2011


I have a busy but fun weekend ahead of me because.....

IT'S MY BIRTHDAY WEEKEND! (Chris and I are born two days apart so I don't get a birthday. I get a birth week or weekend depending on where it falls, which works for me because I absolutely LOVE my birthday.)

The festivities start tonight with a candle party that my bestest's mom is hosting. Big plans to buy myself a early present.

Saturday we a getting up and heading downtown for a baseball game, then meeting Chris' family for dinner here:

and then hiting the Royal Canadian Exhibition for an evening of games, shopping and more food (I'm pretty sure the wedding diet is on hold for this weekend. It's my birthday.)

Sunday is my actual birthday and I have no big plans yet. Maybe a mani/pedi date in the morning with my mommy. I know there is a family BBQ scheduled for some point, and hopefully Chris has something up his sleeve. Possibly taking me to see this (shameless hinting happening right now):

Cannot wait for this day to end!

Hope everyone else has an awesome weekend planned!

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Nicole said...

Happy birthday to you both!