August 7, 2011

Wedding Wednesday: Honeymoon!

As the wedding gets closer and closer the top two questions that I seem to get asked are

1) Where will you be living? and
2) Where will the honeymoon be?

The answer to question one is still who knows! Although we have some thoughts, plans and ideas floating around, we still have nothing set in stone. I'm starting to see why couples move in together before the wedding, because doing it all at the same time is quite stressful.

The answer to question two we have finally made a decision on!

To begin, Chris and I are by far not "beach" people. I could probably lie on a beach for a couple of days and be fine, but Chris by far would not be. Chris is adventurous so he would be antsy to leave the resort (not going to happen), swim in the ocean (no thanks), scuba dive (again, I'd prefer not to see the things underneath me), and a plethora of other things including but not limited to parasailing, boating, exploring....

On top of this, the wonderful man I am going to marry is very often sweating and hot in 40 below weather. Therefore, forcing him to suffer on a beach would probably be the equivalent of torture. So the whole beach themed honeymoon was ruled out fairly quick (can you say disaster waiting to happen?)

Once this was decided we started considering other options. My top three dream destinations are:

1) Venice, Italy - (Big wedding....therefore too expensive)
2) Hawaii - see above
3) Ireland (Chris has family in Ireland. I'm on my honeymoon. Not. Going. To. Happen.

As you can see we put a lot of thought into this, and it was starting to become frustrating. We were beginning to become resigned to the fact that the only thing we could do that would be both a happy compromise and affordable was a cruise.

Until a couple of weeks ago when we decided that we would be going here:


Here are some reasons why:

-Chris has been a HUGE Red Sox fan since birth. It's always been a dream of his to go watch a game in Fenway Park. I am beyond excited that I get to do that with him. (seriously he's going to be like a kid a Christmas. I can't wait.)

- We are definitely more of the "touristy" types. We love sight seeing, taking a million pictures (ok that might be a bit more me), going to museums, and finding new places to eat. We couldn't do that in Mexico but I think Boston is perfect for it.

- It's cheaper!

- Chris is by far playing a good sport with this wedding. If he had it his way we would have been married a year ago, at city hall, with a handful of out closest family and friends. This big wedding is happening because Chris knows how much I want it. So I think because he is doing that for me then the honeymoon should be about him. Since he has been planning this trip since he was old enough to plan, I would say I have succeeded.

To say I'm excited it an understatement. We have SO many things planned such as:

And of course

Honeymoon planning became SO much easier when we realized that we didn't have to do something tropical just because it was expected. Instead we made the honeymoon about us.

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