August 24, 2011

Wedding Wednesday - Registry!

This week for Wedding Wednesday I'm talking about our wedding registry.

This is something we were putting off big time. We don't currently live together and our plans are still a bit up in the air, so I figured this would be both frustrating and a giant argument waiting to happen.

But with only 9 months to go, I really needed to get on this as I know talks about my shower are in the works (yes loving bridesmaids. Your not as sneaky as you think you are.) So a couple of weeks ago we sucked it up, got in the car and went to Sears to at least get the registry started.

Boy was I wrong about the whole process. This was probably the most fun I have had since I started planning this wedding two and a half years ago. It's like shopping without spending any money.

I will admit to getting a bit out of control with the scanner. There was an incident with a cute tea set that wasn't priced but I scanned anyway. I think it totaled about 1000.00. Chris won't leave me with the scanner ever again.

Anyways, it feels great to have this at least started, with plans to finalize it within the next couple of weeks.

And seeing as nothing makes you want to buy and decorate a house more then scanning things to put in it, I figured I would show you some of the ideas that my registry has inspired.

For example, my duvet has made me long for a bedroom that will one day look like this:

And my red appliances have me dreaming of a kitchen that looks like this:

or this:

That's what I have so far, but I'm sure as my registering continues I will get lots of ideas for my hypothetical bathroom and living room.

Stayed tuned and happy Wednesday!!

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