November 9, 2011

Wedding Wednesday: To Do List

Since nothing significant has happened in the world of my wedding since last week, I figured I could use this week's wedding Wednesday to tell you about some of the things on my to do list. Maybe writing it down will motivate me to actually do some of it!

* LIMO, LIMO, LIMO: I seriously need to get on this one or I'm going to be walking to the church on my wedding day. No I still haven't made the decision between the party bus or the old car. Maybe if I got off of my behind and called for quotes this would become an easy decision.

* Invitations: I'm on the fence between being ambitious and doing it myself or being lazy and getting them done. Either way a decision needs to be made and soon.

* Favours: I know what I want. I know where to get them. I just need to order and pick them up. Who knew this would be such a problem

* Tuxes: Yeah this would be another must. My bridesmaids have dresses but at the moment the groomsmen are going naked. It's not like this is even difficult. It's just a matter of dragging our butts over there and making some choices.

* Alterations: Due to some dress drama (trust me, you don't want to know) I need to find someone else to alter the girls dresses. We are picking the dresses up on Tuesday so I have time.... right?

* Guestbook: We have our engagement photo's. I have pretty much decided on using Shutterfly to make it. Now I just need to DO it.

Like my shameless excuse to post another engagement picture???

Bachelorette Weekend: I want to go away with my bridesmaid and a select few of my favourite girls for a bachelorette weekend. Since I have had a recent MOH change, and the bestest has had a lot dumped on her, I am having a heavy hand in planning this little trip. So I need to find a place to stay, decide on a weekend and nail down a few other little details. Then my MOH and bridesmaids can go crazy.

Bridal Party Gifts: I have some idea's. Kinda.

Yeah this really didn't help.....and I'm sure this isn't even half of it. Cue Panic mode.


Lindsay said...

Don't worry! You can do it! One item at a time, that's all you can do! Dress dramas are not fun! Good luck! xo

Café Moka said...

Great picture of you two!!!
That's a long list to do but you will make it!