November 1, 2011

Wedding Wednesday: Lessons

When Chris and I got engaged almost three years ago I pretty much had my bridal party decided. I have three friends that have been like sisters to me since grade 9, so they were obvious picks. Chris' sister and my brother's girlfriend and I have gotten pretty close over they years so I knew I wanted them involved. And of course I wanted my big sister right beside me as my MOH.

My sister is ten years older than me but we have always been really, really close (I intended to have cute baby pictures posted here, but my scanner was being a large pain in the you know where, so I'm settling with those that I found on my computer)

Looking back through my childhood she has always supported me through any step I tried to take. Granted, being 10 years younger I'm sure there are times when I drove her absolutely crazy (stealing her clothes on a constant basis comes to mind) she was always right there when I needed her to be

I was her Maid of Honour when she got married to my brother in law 10 years ago, and it was always known that she would be returning the favour when that day came for me. I honestly think I was engaged for less than 24 hours when I officially asked her.

Probably the biggest lesson that planning a wedding has taught me is that absolutely nothing is perfect. When I first set out on this adventure I was convinced that by giving myself lots of time and micro managing every single detail that absolutely nothing would go wrong.

At this point SO many things have needed to be adjusted or changed, steering me away from my original plan and making me shift directions. Every time this lesson gets driven in just a tiny bit further....and it is now officially pushed as far as it can because...... sister, and MOH, is 8 weeks pregnant!

Her official due date is June 4th, but because she had so many complications with Miss B. she will need to have a planned C Section, and from the sounds of it they want her to go 2 weeks early, which puts her right around my wedding day.

So this has forced her to drop out of my wedding.


You have heard me talk about my bestest before, and how absolutely amazing she is.

We met the first day of grade 9 and connected pretty quickly over our mutual love of this boy

Over the course of our friendship we have survived 4 years of highschool



She's now almost finished teachers college and I could not be more proud of her!

There have been parties


Broken hearts, stupid boys, arguments, experiences and far too much laughter.

I could honestly go on and on and on. She's the kind of girl who is always only a phone call away with ice cream, a girly movie and the ability to call whoever it is an asshole and take my side just because I need her to.

She is also the kind of girl who is willing to take on the responsibilities of MOH, including a shower, bachelorette and anything else that is required of her with only 7 months notice without batting an eyelash.

She is essentially another sister, and we have probably been through more together than some sisters have.

All of my friends and family expected me to flip when I found out that my big sister and MOH was pregnant. Like I said I have learned that weddings are about adjustments. My sister has already given me two absolutely beautiful nieces that I would give the world for. She is having a baby and there is no way I can be upset about that. If it means that she will be sitting behind me on my wedding day taking good care of my future niece or nephew then so be it.

Lucky for me I have an awesome best friend who can take over and who I know will do an amazing job.

So to my bestest... Thank you so much for stepping in. You know I love you and I could not be happier that you will be standing right behind me, supporting Chris and I on the most important day of our lives.

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