November 16, 2011

Wedding Wednesday: Cake!

First of all, I apologize for the lack of blogging lately! I feel like I only post on Wednesday's. I have a million drafts of posts that I start and then give up on halfway through.

Lots to talk about, but too much going on to actually finish a complete post.

This week I actually made progress on my cake!

I should start talking about my cake lady. After much debate, Chris and I decided to go with a family friend to make our cake. She has recently started a cake business, he cakes taste amazing, and to be honest, her prices are a million times better than anywhere else we have looked. The cake it not hugely important to me. I want one, but it doesn't need to be 18 tiers with special filling and a fountain.

I'm very indecisive (you have probably picked up on that through this wedding planning experience), so I was having a really hard time deciding if I wanted an actual cake at the wedding, or cupcakes.

When we first got engaged I wanted a cake. I wanted to have something that I could put a topper on and cut.

Last year we went to three weddings and the cake got cut only once. Two out of the three couples ended up taking their entire cake home because the venue either a) forgot to cut and serve it or b) ran dinner too long so it just never happened.

After thinking that through I started to lean towards cupcakes. They are cute and super easy because people can help themselves. I figured we would still have extras but at least I wouldn't be forced to eat an entire three tier cake just so that I didn't feel wasteful.

I was still on the fence because I figured cupcakes would be way more work and therefore way more expensive. I was not willing to go over budget on the cake, it's just not worth it to me.

I also wanted something to cut.

After about a million e-mails between me and my cake person, we have finally narrowed it down.

I'm going for something similar to this:

This way I can have the top portion to put my topper as well as do the cake cutting ceremony. It will be decorated with blue and silver gerber's just to give it a little extra something.

The flavours will be chocolate with vanilla icing and vanilla with vanilla icing (I'm boring, I know) and she will be using blue and sliver cake dust (matching my colours of course) to help guests know which is which.

And to top it all off it will only be 25.00 more than a regular three tiered cake!

I'm very pleased that this is crossed off the list, that my guests will get cake and that Chris and I will not be eating it for the rest of our married lives!

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Nicole said...

Do you not have the tradition you can't cut the top layer? Here it's bad luck to cut the top layer, you cut lower down, the top layer is saved for the 1 year anniversary...