November 4, 2011

Some Friday Randoms

Seriously TGIF! This week has been brutal. I'm tired. And cranky. And just not good. Bring on the weekend!

The fact the I am having such a long, tough week is making me feel very old. Apparently I cannot party like I used to.

Another thing that makes me feel very old is the fact that I have spent this whole week looking forward to the weekend because we had no plans. Yup. I was highly anticipating two wonderful days filled with sweat pants, sweaters, the PVR and bed.

Unfortunately this is not going to happen because we all of a sudden have two birthday parties to attend and a movie date set up with friends. I don't know how this happened. Maybe next weekend.

I have a serious addiction to eating the Halloween candy. I don't know what it is about making chocolate bite sized that makes it so appealing. It's not like I'm eating less. In fact, I'm probably eating about twice as much. Seeing as my dress is coming in ANY day, this is really not a good time to go on an adorable mini chocolate eating binge.

Now that Halloween is over, my holiday gets to start. I'm ready to break out all of my Christmas stuff (I just need to find room). I have Christmas scented candles burning (Peppermint Snow...Yum!). The stores are breaking out all of their Christmas decorations, I have seen a few Christmas themed commercials and I'm already thinking about presents. For me, Christmas starts November 1st. I absolutely love everything about it.

Since getting my engagement pictures done I have been looking into photo guest books to display at the wedding. I want a book that will display both sets of our engagement pictures as well as leaving space for guests to sign. Problem? There are so many options! Shutterfly (Do they even ship to Canada?) Vistaprint? Costco? Walmart? (Quality....?) I just don't know. Did you make your own guest book? Who did you use???

On a similar note, I'm seriously considering doing Christmas cards this year (I know I say this every year....but THIS year I'm serious.) Same issue as above. Who do I use? Shutterfly? Vistaprint? Walmart? If I do them, I want them to look good.

Happy Friday everyone!

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Nicole said...

Our Christmas cards came from Wal-Mart last year, they were very nice. This year I ordered from shutterfly. I'm waiting Patiently.... or not for them. should be in next week :)