October 24, 2011

Weekend Recap

What an insanely crazy weekend!

After work on Friday we dressed up and headed out to a baseball banquet.

Chris, my sister and my brother in law all joined a summer baseball league and this was the event that brought the season to a close.

My sister and I

I was pretty excited for it. Chris and I don't get to dress up and go out very often. Although the food wasn't fantastic and the music could have been better it was still fun to get all pretty and dance with my hunny.

My beautiful Mama and I

Saturday started with celebrating my Mom's birthday. She didn't want anything "big" so we decided to just have the immediate family over for pizza, cake and presents. I suck and barely took any pictures.

After that Chris, my brother and I were off to meet a few friends at Wonderland for Halloween Haunt. I have talked about this before. We go every year. Haunted amusement park. I hate it. Remember?

It actually wasn't SO bad this year. It was beyond packed, and you go in the houses in a single line, so it was pretty easy to figure out where the scary things were by the screams ahead of me. This kept me calm and at one point I was actually encouraging going in the houses instead of on the rides.

This in itself was enough to make me exhausted. Ever since I quit my retail job in return for a cushy office job I do literally no standing. So after 5 hours of walking around a gigantic park I was not only ready to sleep for the remainder of the weekend, but I was also in pain. Everywhere.

But that didn't stop me from getting up on Sunday and venturing to Downey's Farm with Chris, my sister, Brother-in-law and two beautiful nieces.

Downey's farm is exactly how it sounds. A farm that the owners have taken and turned into a fun thing to do with the kids. It was a gorgeous day, and the kids had a blast.

After that it was off to meet my brother and his girlfriend at the movies to see Paranormal Activity 3. I'm not going to insult my own intelligence by trying to review a movie in which I watched half of it from under my sweater. If you like movies that scare the crap out if you then be my guest. Otherwise I wouldn't.

That ended our very busy, very expensive weekend.

Although I'm exhausted, and I feel like I have been hit by a truck (seriously getting too old for this crap) it was a lot of fun.

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