October 3, 2011

Happy Birthday Bubba!!

Today this guy turns 1

It feels like yesterday when Chris was messaging me at work to tell me that he picked a puppy.

I rushed home and got to meet this cutie, who very quickly became my little lap dog.

I can't believe how quickly he has turned into my 60 pound lapdog....

It's been a big year for Mr. Brady

We had baths

Tried some sweaters

Discovered snow

Rang in the New Year

Visited Family

Learned to swim at the cottage

Went for a boat ride

It's also been quite a year for Chris and I. We learned how to be responsible for something other than ourselves, and gained the confidence that we can work together and keep something that depends on us alive (gives me optimism for our future children).

Even though he is a lot of work, he is one of the better decisions that Chris and I have made. I absolutely love coming home to someone who is excited to see me every single day. I also don't mind the fact that I have made him a 60 pound lap dog, cuddling with him makes my day.

So happy birthday to my baby who, in only a year, has managed to make me one of "those" people. (Seriously. There are big plans tonight which may or may not include treats, presents and a party hat.)

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