October 30, 2011

Looking Back: Halloween

I think I have expressed my dislike for dressing up on Halloween before, so we won't go there again.

Somewhere along the way my friends got the bright idea that costume parties would be a good idea. I argued. Whined. Complained. Threw tantrums. But still managed to lose.

So I thought this year I would show some of my previous costumes

2005: Dr. and a Nurse

2006: SOMEHOW I managed to win the war and there were no costumes. That has not happened since. I need to remember what I did, and how I accomplished it!

2007: Red Riding Hood

2008: Go-Go Girl

2009: Cowgirl (Chris was an old man. I couldn't find a decent picture with his wig on)

This year I was DETERMINED not to spend money on a costume. So I went out and spent money on super cute boots and made a costume around them.

2010: 80's

This year we had two events to attend.

The first one was with friends and the theme was decades. Because I didn't see these people last year when I wore my 80's costume, I decided that it would be fine to just re-use it.

Saturday we had a Halloween/Birthday party for my Brother in Law, and they did see my in my 80's costume last year, so I went as a cowgirl again because its easy, and I do love those boots :)

This year was pretty cost effective and easy, which is a good thing seeing as I do have that whole wedding thing right around the corner that seems to be costing me a small fortune.

That's it for the parties. Tonight I will be heading out with my sister and the little ones for some Trick or Treating (I draw the line at dressing up for this. I will be in jeans and the biggest sweater I own) then heading home for some quality T.V time with my boys.

For those of you driving, be smart and safe!

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